CNC Woodworking Services

3Q MACHINING specialize in custom woodworking projects, using our top of the line CNC machine allows us to create unique design and features.

  • Premium Plywood
  • 100% Customizable Tops
  • CNC Precision Cuts
  • Finished as Requested

CNC Woodworking Services

The CNC Woodworking Parts

We provide custom CNC cutting services for a wide range of materials. Using our high speed CNC machine allows us to complete projects in a minimal amount of time while providing precision cuts and high yields limiting material waste.

CNC Cabinet
CNC Woodworking Phone Case
CNC Woodworking Wood Base
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One-stop sourcing your rapid prototype and custom part

Precision Machining cnc machining
Request A Quote: Please attach your 3D drawing (preferably STEP and IGS format). Got multiple files? Put all your files in a folder and compress the folder into ZIP or RAR file. (File Type: doc|excel|png|jpeg|csv|pdf)
Alternatively, send through your RFQ by email.