WIRE EDM MACHINING for Machined Parts and Tooling Parts

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WIRE EDM MACHINING for Machined Parts and Tooling Parts

What is Wire EDM Machining?

What is Wire EDM Machining?

Wire EDM Machining is a process which uses wire cutters to remove material from a workpiece. It is a form of metal removal which is used in the fabrication industry.

In this process, the wire cutting machine will have a wire that will be fed into it and then it will create an electrical arc. This arc will remove the material from the workpiece without causing any damage to its surface.

The advantages of this type of machining are that it can reduce the time taken for machining operations by 30-50% compared with traditional processes, while also producing less heat distortion on part surfaces.

Wire EDM Machining vs. Drilling

Drilling and EDM machining are two different machining processes. The difference between the processes is that drilling machine uses a rotating spindle to cut and EDM uses a stationary cutter head.

Both processes have different applications and both come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Drilling machines are more efficient with high production rates, low cost per unit, good surface finish, but they are limited by the depth of cut. On the other hand, EDM is faster with lower production rates, higher cost per unit, poor surface finish but better depth of cut.

Despite these differences in efficiency and performance, both processes maintain their own niche applications that require each one’s unique characteristics to function properly

Why Wire EDM? Reasons to Choose Wire EDM Over Drilling Machines

Wire EDM is now the preferred choice for those who want to drill holes or cut through metal. It can be used to speed up and reduce cost of manufacturing and assembly.

This type of machine is often used in the automotive industry and other heavy machinery manufacturing industries. It has been known to be more efficient than drills presses since it produces a much higher quality hole with less chance of errors.

The following are some of the top reasons why people should choose wire edm machines over drills presses:

  • – Wire edm machines produce holes that are much smoother, almost like a machined surface rather than a rough one that comes from using drills presses
  • – Because they use wire instead of drill bits, they do not create as much heat as other drilling methods
  • – Wire EDM provides accurate measurements and repeatable holes to any desired depth.

What are the Advantages of Wire EDM?

Wire EDM is more efficient than a drill press in wire cutting applications. It uses a powerful current to cut through wire in a single pass, which means it results in less time and effort.

The advantages of using wire EDM instead of drill presses include:

– Higher speed, speed that is much faster than standard drills at up to 1000 ft/min.

– Less noise and vibration – much less than the equivalent drills.

– Cut through wires with high resistance – much more power can be put into the wire without risking damage from heat or sparks from friction heaters.

– The use of two wires allows for better control over where the cuts are made.

How much cost of Wire EDM Machining?

Wire EDM machining is a process of cutting and turning metal by means of an electric current. This type of machining is mostly used to produce parts with complex shapes and features, such as those with holes or slots.

The cost of your service can vary based on several factors, including the types and sizes of the items you want to manufacture.

Costs associated with wire EDM machine range from $2-$30 per minute, depending on the size and complexity of the part you’re working on.

Author: Mose Li

Author: Mose Li

Director of Project Engineering at 3Q Machining

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