What materials are suitable for drone blades?

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What materials are suitable for drone blades?

Experience in using multi-rotor UAV blades: small aerial photography UAVs usually used below 3000 meters altitude, the propellers use nylon fiber material, commonly known as soft paddles; heavy-duty UAVs such as agricultural plant protection aircraft usually use carbon fiber composite propellers , commonly known as hard paddle. If you need to assemble a multi-rotor drone, the blades of 15 inches or less can be made of nylon, and the blades of 15 inches or more can be made of carbon fiber.

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In addition to the difference in materials, the static and dynamic balance of the propellers are also very important. The smaller the size of the propeller, the higher the rotation speed, the higher the requirements for the blade manufacturing accuracy; when the propeller rotates to generate lift, the lift obtained by each radius blade It should be consistent with the lift obtained by the other half of the blade, otherwise there will be jitter and vibration, and the lift will be affected when resonance is caused, which may seriously lead to the disintegration of the body resonance. The two-blade propeller has high efficiency but is easy to vibrate, and the multi-page propeller has good stability but low efficiency. In theory, the speed of the blade tip cannot reach the speed of sound, otherwise it will greatly affect the aerodynamic efficiency.

Use nylon paddles (soft paddles) and carbon paddles (hard paddles) on small aerial photography drones, and test at an altitude of 200 meters. The shooting equipment is A6500 micro-single plus 16mm wide-angle lens, only the camera shock-absorbing ball is used, and no electronic augmentation is used. Stabilizing the gimbal, the effect of the shooting picture is obviously different; using the original nylon paddle to stabilize the picture (video recording), there is basically no jelly phenomenon, using the carbon paddle and the auxiliary factory blade, you can feel the wind noise increases, and the aircraft shake is more obvious , the shooting screen (video recording) has obvious jelly. The drone is configured with DJI 2312A motor, six-axis rack, 16mm carbon fiber tube, carbon fiber center plate, original DJI 9450 nylon paddle and original 9450 carbon paddle.

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