What is the meaning of end mill?

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What is the meaning of end mill?


End mill is a cutting tool that has a flat, circular, or square cross-section and is used in milling. It is one of the three basic types of milling cutters.

The other two types of milling cutters are the side mill and the face mill. The end mills are used to shape either the external or internal surfaces of a workpiece by cutting away excess material with end mill cutter which with teeth on the sides of the cutter.

What is end milling operation?

End milling is a machining process that removes material from the end of a workpiece. It is the opposite of face milling, which removes material from the face or surface of a workpiece.

End milling can be done in two ways: rough and finish. Rough end milling is used to remove excess material and create a flat surface on the workpiece. Finish end milling is used to create precise shapes and dimensions on the workpiece by removing small amounts of material at a time.

The process starts by cutting a slot into one side of the raw piece using either an end mill or an edge cutter, depending on what shape you want to cut out in order to produce your finished product. The slot can be cut in either direction: from left to right or right to left, depending on which way you want your finished product to come out when it’s done.

Author: Mose Li

Author: Mose Li

Director of Project Engineering at 3Q Machining

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