What is technical drawing?

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What is technical drawing?

Technical drawing is a type of drawing that is used to document the design of a product. It is done as a visual representation and it can be used to show the dimensions, features, and other characteristics of an object.

Technical drawings are also called engineering drawings or manufacturing drawings. They are usually created in CAD software, but they can also be created by hand with pencils and paper. They are important for communicating designs to engineers, machinists, manufacturers, and other people who might need to know how something will work.

what is technical drawing

Technical drawing is used by a wide range of people in different industries. For example, carpenters use it to create woodworking plans. Architects and engineers use it to illustrate their blueprints. Architects also use it to create 3D models of buildings for clients and contractors.

Engineers use technical drawings for everything from designing new products to fixing old ones. They also create schematics, which are diagrams that represent the way a system is supposed to work.

In addition, artists and designers can also make use of technical drawing skills when they need to illustrate how their projects will look in the real world or how they want them built.

Technical drawing is a method to represent three-dimensional objects in two dimensions. It is mainly used for engineering, architecture and manufacturing purposes.

There are three types of technical drawings: CAD Drawing, 3D Drawing and Exploded-view 3D drawings.

CAD drawing is a very common type of technical drawing. It is a 2-dimensional drawing that shows the design in detail from all angles and it can be used to make further technical drawings.

3D Drawings are made from a set of three-dimensional models that are usually created with UG/PROE software. These models can be rotated in order to show the design from different angles.

Exploded-view 3D drawings are also made from a set of three dimensional models which show how the finished product will look after assembly by showing the components that need to be assembled first and then showing how they will fit together when assembled correctly.

Technical drawings are used in many industries and can be found in a wide range of different materials. There are 7 categories of technical drawing:

  • 1. Architectural drawings
  • 2. Mechanical drawings
  • 3. Electrical drawings
  • 4. Plumbing drawings
  • 5. Structural drawing
  • 6. Landscape architecture drawing
  • 7. General construction drawing

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Author: Mose Li

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