What Is Face Milling Cutter

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What Is Face Milling Cutter

The face milling cutter is mainly used for machining flat surface, and its characteristics are: high production efficiency; good rigidity, large feed rate can be used; multiple cutter teeth participate in cutting at the same time, and the work is stable.

What Is Face Milling Cutter

Face milling cutters are divided into two categories, one is to fix the cemented carbide blade on the cutter teeth by brazing, and then install the cutter teeth on the milling cutter body, which is called insert face milling cutter; The first type is to install the carbide insert directly on the milling cutter body, and then fix it with screws, etc., which is called an indexable clip-on milling cutter. Face milling cutters have two rake angles: axial rake angle and radial rake angle. The direction of the two rake angles is selected according to the material and cutting conditions of the processed object, namely positive +, negative -, or zero.

What is face milling used for?

Face milling is a process of machining the surface of a workpiece on manual mill machine or CNC mill machine. It is mainly used to create flat surfaces and remove excess material from the workpiece.

what is face milling used for

The face milling can be either manual mill machine or cnc mill machine, depending on the complexity of the task and the desired level of precision.

The Face milling is used for many purposes, including:

  1. -To create flat surfaces that are parallel to each other
  2. -To shape and form an object according to specifications
  3. -To remove excess material from an object without changing its shape
  4. -To create holes in objects with irregular shapes

What is the difference between face milling and end milling?


The main difference between face milling and end milling is in the way the cutting tool approaches the workpiece. In face milling, the cutting tool is perpendicular to the surface of the material, and in end milling it is tilted at an angle.

what is the difference between face milling and end milling
what is the difference between face milling and end milling
Author: Mose Li

Author: Mose Li

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