What is difference between 2D and 3D drawing?

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What is difference between 2D and 3D drawing?

What is 2D Drawing?

In the past, 2D drawings were done using a pencil, paper and a ruler. Today, there are a number of software that allow the user to create 2D drawings in CAD format.

2D drawing is a geometric figure that is created by two-dimensional lines called vectors. It is typically used in architecture and design to represent 3D objects and structures on paper or computer screen.

What is 2D Drawing?

2D drawing formats mainly including of DWG. and DXF.

What is 3D Drawing?

3D drawing is a process of creating 3D objects by using digital software and a 3D model. It is a modeling technique that uses geometric descriptions to represent three-dimensional objects in an electronic format for 3D printing, computer graphics, movies, etc.

In the early days of digital technology, 3d drawing was done manually by hand sketches or 2d drawings. However now it has been made into a digital tool that can be used with the help of software such as SolidWorks and ProE.

What is 3D Drawing?

The main formats of 3D drawings including of: 

  1. STP.
  2. Sldprt.
  3. IGS.
  4. STL.

What Is Difference Between 2D And 3D Drawing?

What Is Difference Between 2D And 3D Drawing?

Today, we see artists and illustrators drawing in 2D and 3D. The difference between the two is that 2D is a flat picture while 3D is one that has depth.

People often confuse these two different forms of drawing. But they are different in many ways. Sometimes, people tend to mix up 2D and 3D drawing because they both use lines to create shapes and objects. However, the 3D drawing is three dimensional while the 2D drawing is flat on one or both sides.

2D drawings are based on outlines that usually connect with each other to create shapes and objects while 3D drawings use solid lines with no overlap on top of one another.

3d drawings are created using computer-generated graphics like SOLIDWORKS, UG, PRO-E while 2d drawings are made using pencils or pens with physical paper, ink, or paint (now today also can be made with CAD software).

Why is 3D drawing better than 2D drawing?

The big advance of 3D drawing is we can view all details visually and measure any dimensions on 3D Models drawing, also can make 3D printing prototype samples with a 3D drawing, while 2D drawing are useful for when you want a simple view of only specific types of measurements. 3D drawing can be converted to any 2D drawing , but 2D drawing only be converted to 3D drawing when the shape is regular round or square.

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