What is a rivet?

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What is a rivet?

A rivet is a type of fastener, usually made from iron or steel. It consists of a cylindrical shaft that has been hammered into the end of a work piece and then bent to form a head on one end. The head is typically flat and may have one or more holes in it for inserting an object into the rivet in order to drive it. The other end of the shaft is called the pin.

A rivet is a mechanical fastener that joins two or more pieces of metal, typically by passing through holes in the pieces and expanding to grip them together.


What is a rivet?

1. Types of Rivet

types of rivet


2. Why rivet is used?

Rivets are used in aviation because they provide a strong connection that is not as easy to break as other methods for joining metals together. They also have an advantage over other methods because they can be installed without welding or soldering.

It is important to note that rivets are often used in the construction industry because they can be easily removed at any time with minimal damage to the surrounding material.

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