What Are The Main Applications Of 3D Printing In The World Today?

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What Are The Main Applications Of 3D Printing In The World Today?

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3D printer, also known as the three-dimensional printer (3DP), is a kind of cumulative manufacturing technology that is a kind of machine of rapid prototyping technology. It is based on a digital model file and uses adhesive materials such as special wax materials, powdered metals or plastics, etc. By printing layers of adhesive materials to create three-dimensional objects. This article mainly introduces the main applications of 3D printing at present.

Application in the education industry

  1. Modern education uses 3D printing to improve students’ quality

Introducing 3D printers into the campus can train students’ innovative ability and hands-on practical ability, turn students’ creativity and imagination into reality, and realize the organic combination of the virtual world and the physical world. This will greatly develop students’ hands-on and brain-working abilities, thereby realizing the reform of school training methods.

  1. 3D printers make learning more interesting

Children enjoy the process of learning and enhance their creativity and deepen their understanding of the subject. Three-dimensional visual effects are an amazing learning tool, and 3D printing can help explain difficult concepts.

Manufacturing industry applications

  1. Parts printing

For different parts design, 3D printing can be printed directly and quickly to meet different levels of demand and save time and cost.

  1. Improve production efficiency

3D printing helps to improve the production efficiency of the assembly line. Because 3D printing is fast and low-cost, everything can be done directly in-house.

  1. Expanded the scope of production

3D printing can generate parts of any shape from computer graphics data so that production can be extended to a wider range, and objects of any shape can be manufactured

  1. New business model

With the development of 3D printing, 3D printing has become more and more civilian. Once everyone is using it, the demand for quality design printing will increase.

Advertising logo industry applications

  1. Decoration

Merchants can use 3D printers to make decorations for outdoor or indoor decoration so that the products are consistent with the decoration style of the store.

  1. Publicity

Merchants use 3D printing to create 3D models with image characteristics to promote and guide consumers.

  1. luminous advertising characters

The use of 3D printing can save labor, reduce costs, have many styles to choose from, and have a strong sense of technology. The use of 3D printing can solve the difficult problems in customizing advertising signs, or even the problems that cannot be solved by traditional methods.

Construction industry applications

  1. Early model

3D printing can realize any idea you have, turning your idea into a realistic model that can be seen by the eyes. Share, discuss, and improve with your customers or your fans to increase customer satisfaction and reduce dispute rates.

  1. Urban planning

The city planning blueprint is no longer displayed flatly. 3D printing allows the city planning to be displayed in a three-dimensional form within a few hours so that all visionary thoughts and concepts can be truly visible.

  1. Real estate sand table

Real estate companies no longer need to spend a lot of money to find a company that specializes in sandboxes to display sandboxes for their upcoming real estate. 3D printing technology directly prints real estate renderings, eliminating the complicated communication process, expensive production costs, and Long production cycles, and other issues.

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lighting industry applications

  1. Individualized batch production mode

3D printing technology can easily realize free product portfolio manufacturing, multiple products, different batches, one-time production, and simultaneous delivery.

  1. Fast, efficient, and cost-effective

From design to delivery, through the use of 3D printing technology, it can be produced in a short time, and the production cost is lower.

  1. Custom

The custom features of 3D printing can meet consumers’ needs for personalized products.

Toy animation industry applications

  1. Animation image design

  Designers can use 3D printers to design scenes and character images in cartoons, and quickly complete the needs of scenes and character images in animation without manual polishing. For animation fans, you can also directly print out anime characters.

  1. Toy design & development

Whether you are a designer or an ordinary person, you can use a 3D printer to design toys independently, and everyone can design their favorite toy model. For toy manufacturing companies, the traditional product development model is upgraded with technology, and 3D printers are used for product development proofing, which greatly reduces the product development cycle and costs.

Furniture industry applications

  1. Simple and convenient

No matter how complicated the furniture product is, a 3D printer can design a furniture model, allowing consumers to choose a satisfactory furniture style. 3D printers also directly print out furniture prototypes, greatly shortening product design time and improving production efficiency.

  1. Personalized customization

For some furniture products that are large in size and not easy to carry, furniture manufacturers can develop an effective division and combination system, and only need to use 3D printing technology to produce sofa legs, sofa chassis, sofa functional frames, and other parts. Users can simply assemble them when they need to use them. Furniture manufacturers can even provide customers with personalized services such as self-designed furniture products and accessories.

Application in culture and art industry

  1. Cultural relic reproduction

  Use 3D scanning technology to obtain 3D models of copied cultural relics, and then use 3D printing to obtain replicas, and then reproduce on the replicas, which can be produced in batches.

  2. Digital sculpture

The combination of digital engraving and 3D printing technology enables artists to turn many novel ideas into reality in a short time, making good design concepts in their minds materialize quickly. Design inspiration is no longer a piece of drawing, but a piece of materialized model that is easy to understand.

  3. Artwork design

  Designers no longer have to think about the craftsmanship in the production process of the work. The 3D printer realizes any complex structure and geometric shape, and can perfectly handle the consistency and simplicity of the work from design to production.

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