Water Washing Gun [INDITEC NLndite]

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aluminum water washing gun
aluminum water washing gun

The custom water washing gun which made with aluminum alloy is accessories for Inditec compressor equipments, Inditec team want to develop a custom make water gun to suitable the compressor equipment, then the the reach 3Q Machining to start the first trial order from 10 sets.

For the water washing gun which made with aluminum 6061-T6, we 3Q MACHINING responsible for machining all the whole washing gun including the main body & trigger & nozzle , which we were able to turn around in just 10 days. Here’s how we did it.


Main Body



Water Washing Gun [aluminum alloy 6063]

When Inditec team contacted us, share the CAD drawing, and confirm the raw material type is aluminum 6063, blasting+natural anodizing surfacture treament, as trial order, the order quantities is 10 sets.

01. After we quoted prices and got approval from customer, our engineer started to draw 3D drawing for customer to confirm final details and prepare program for CNC milling and CNC lathe. When customer confirm the 3D drawing is exactly what they expected to have, we start the make the parts with our 3-axis CNC milling machine and cnc mill/lathe machine. 

02. After finsh the machining, we deburr for all thread holes as per our standard procedue, and start argon arc welding to the gun main body, then process sand-blasting to achieve smooth surface for the whole products, the sand-blasting can also cover all machining tool mark.

After deburr and sand-blasting job, we started the cleaning process and apply natural anodizing for all aluminum parts as per drawing requirement. When complete cnc machining & surface treatment, our QC measured all dimensions based on the CAD drawing and cosmetic inspection, then finished FAI report.

In this sense, the water washing gun project was very unique products for us but we handle the project very well by our professional engineer team and good communication with customer. We’re used to carrying out precision CNC machining for metal prototypes and end-use parts, and we’re also experts at CNC machining metal tooling for molding applications. But we rarely do both at the same time.

The step-by-step process for creating the trophies involved:

  • CNC Machining the trigger par and main body from aluminum block to desired shape and dimensions.
  • Welding the aluminum part together to make the final water washing gun.
  • Deburr and sand-blasting to acquire smooth surface
  • Anodizing for whole aluminum parts

We are not only make big volume orders, also can work prototype sample from 1 pcs to start and low-volume manufacturing orders with global customers for any custom parts by our machining equipments, you are welcome to contact us to start your projects.

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