Types Of Fixtures In CNC Machining

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Types Of Fixtures In CNC Machining

5 axis aluminum alloy cnc precision machining medical parts
5 axis aluminum alloy cnc precision machining medical parts

In the CNC machining process, the fixtures are the process devices used to quickly fasten the workpiece during machining, so that the machine, the tool, and the workpiece can maintain the correct relative position. Fixtures are indispensable parts in CNC machining. Driven by the development of machine tool technology in the direction of high-speed, high-efficiency, precision, composite, intelligence, and environmental protection, fixture technology is developing in the direction of high-precision, high-efficiency, modular, combined, universal, and economical. In a broad sense, any process in the processing process, a device used to quickly, conveniently and safely install a workpiece can be called a fixture. For example, welding fixtures, inspection fixtures, assembly fixtures, machine tool fixtures, etc. Among them, machine tool fixtures are the most common, often referred to as fixtures for short.

What are the types of fixtures we use for CNC machining? Below is a detailed classification of fixtures by 3QMACHINING.

  • General CNC machining fixture

General CNC machining fixtures refer to fixtures that have been standardized and can be used to process different workpieces within a certain range. For example, three-jaw chucks and four-jaw chucks, top and core chucks on lathes; flat-nose pliers, indexing heads, and rotary tables on milling machines. They have great versatility and can be used to clamp different workpieces without adjustment or slight adjustment. This type of fixture has generally been standardized. Produced by a professional factory and supplied to users as machine tool accessories.

  • dedicated CNC machining fixture

The dedicated CNC machining fixture refers to the fixture specially designed for the processing of a certain process of a certain workpiece, which has the advantages of compact structure, rapid operation and convenient operation. The dedicated fixture is usually designed and manufactured by the user according to the requirements, and is suitable for the production of fixed products and large batches.

  • Combined CNC machining fixture

Combination CNC machining fixture is based on the standardization of machine tool fixture parts. It consists of a set of pre-manufactured standard components and assemblies with various shapes and sizes. According to the principle of combination, it is assembled into a variety of special fixtures according to the processing requirements of the workpiece. After the fixture is used, it can be disassembled and reserved for use when assembling a new fixture.

The application range of the combined CNC machining fixture is very wide. It is most suitable for occasions with many varieties, rapid product changes, new product trial production and single-piece small batch production. In mass production, modular fixtures can also be used to replace temporary shortage special fixtures to meet production requirements. Combination fixture components can be assembled into various machine tool fixtures. The emergence of CNC machine tools and flexible manufacturing units has further promoted the advancement of modular fixture technology and expanded the scope of application of modular fixtures.

The combined CNC machining fixture has the following characteristics: The combined CNC machining fixture component can be used multiple times, but once it is assembled into a fixture, the fixture structure is still dedicated and can only be used once. When the processing object is changed, it is generally still necessary to disassemble all of them and reassemble them into a new fixture structure to meet the processing requirements of the new workpiece. Unlike special CNC machining fixtures, the final accuracy of combined CNC machining fixtures is guaranteed by the accuracy of each component, directly combined, and no supplementary processing is allowed, otherwise the interchangeability of components cannot be guaranteed. Since the modular fixture is composed of various standard components, the rigidity is poor, especially the contact stiffness of the joint surface of the component connection, which has a greater impact on the processing accuracy. The general size of the combined fixture is relatively large, not as compact as the special fixture. This fixture is not limited by the type of production, and can be assembled at any time in response to production emergencies.

  • Assembled CNC machining fixture

Assembled CNC machining fixture refers to the special CNC processing that is assembled from standardized and serialized fixture components directly according to the assembly method (pin positioning, bolt tightening) of the special CNC machining fixture according to the processing requirements of a certain process of a certain workpiece Fixture. The use of assembling fixtures greatly shortens the design and manufacturing cycle of special fixtures, and most of the original fixture components can still be removed and reused when the product is modified, which is suitable for multi-variety, small-batch production.

  • General-purpose adjustable CNC machining fixture

General-purpose adjustable CNC machining fixture refers to a special fixture formed by adjusting or replacing individual positioning elements or clamping elements according to different sizes or types of workpieces. The object to be processed is not very certain, and the general range is large, which is suitable for multi-variety, small-batch production.

  • Group CNC machining fixture

Group CNC machining fixture refers to an adjustable fixture designed for processing a certain group of parts in a group process. The processing object is clear, and it can be used only by adjusting or replacing individual positioning elements or clamping elements. The adjustment range is limited to the workpieces of this part group, which is suitable for group processing。

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5 Axis CNC Machined Precision Medical Parts
5 axis cnc machined precision medical parts
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