Titanium Machining

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https://youtu.be/qQX47go_3iY CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing technique that uses computer numerical control (CNC) machines to cut, drill, or shape materials using high-precision tools, it is a process of manufacturing by which workpieces are made with

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What Is Aluminum? Aluminum is a metal that is abundant and cheap. It is very environmentally friendly as well as recyclable. Aluminum has a number of different properties which make it useful for many different purposes.

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Closeup Of Generic Cnc Drill Equipment. 3d Illustration.

What is CNC machining in manufacturing?

What is CNC machining in manufacturing? CNC machining is a manufacturing process that uses computer-controlled machinery to create three-dimensional surfaces by cutting, routing, or engraving metal, wood, or plastic or other rigid materials. CNC machining is the

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CNC Machining China

CNC Machining Services in China 3Q Machining – Your trusted partner and supplier in China – For high precision and fast delivery custom cnc machining parts Make The Part Right at First Time to Save

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Titanium Machining

The use of titanium for cnc machining has been increasing over the years because it is highly resistant to wear and tear. In addition, it can be easily welded with other metals. However, titanium is difficult to machine because of its hardness and strength.

3Q MACHNING is a professional and experienced titanium cnc machining service provider. We have been in this field for about 10 years and have served for many small or big volume custom machining projects, both manual and automated titanium cnc machining services are available that can be customized according to the specifications of our customers.

Titanium Machining Characteristics

Machining titanium has several advantages over other materials. Titanium machined parts are known for their high strength and weight; it is also ductile, corrosion resistant against salt and water, and has a high melting point, making it the perfect option for many industries and applications.

Ti-6AI-4V (Grade 5)
Ti-6AI-4V Eli (Grade 23)

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