The CNC Machine Shop: How Much Money can be made for the business

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The CNC Machine Shop: How Much Money can be made for the business

What is CNC machine shop? What is CNC machine shop?

What is CNC machine shop?

A CNC machine shop is a Professional manufacturer offers one-stop solution for your custom machined parts with CNC Machining Service that you only need to upload CAD drawing or offer samples,  then you can get any design of plastic, metal, wood machined parts start from 1 pcs to bulk quantities order.

A cnc machine shop like 3Q MACHINING that mainly uses machines like milling machines, drill presses, lathes, etc. to produce custom machined parts. The most common type of cnc machine is a milling machine which can cut through material with high precision by removing layers of metal with its rotary cutter head. These machines can also be used to make molds for various parts like aluminum doors or plastic trays through the use of precision cutting tools like wire cutters and shears. It has wide applications for a wide range of industries. In terms of industries, they are primarily used in the following applications:

-In aerospace engineering, they can help to machined airplane parts and aerospace components.

-In automotive engineering, they can help create steel and aluminum components for cars.

When you request a quote from a cnc machine shop, you must wondering How much does CNC machining cost per hour?


How much does CNC machining cost per hour?

The cost of a cnc machining for your custom parts can be vary by location of cnc machine shop and the type of machine that is being used. In general, a cnc machine will cost anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000 per year.

An hour for CNC machining cost can range from $50 to $500 depending on the type of the machine be used and the complexity of the job, also the quantities of your parts, read more from below article:

How much does it cost to CNC aluminum?

How much do CNC shop owners make? That is an interesting for people want to set up a cnc machine shop business, there are some questions you should ask:

01: First of question you should know is ” How much money you can invest into a cnc machine shop business”, because cnc machine shop needs invest machines which is expensive that “you should know How much does a CNC cost?“, also needs to hire experienced cnc programmer and cnc machinist to work for you, these employee cost is high.

02: Second question is “Do you have any customers whom want to give orders of machined parts for you”, the cnc machine shop business rely on good reputation to win business, no matter big order and small order, they must know what you can capable to do then give order to you, or they won’t take risk to waste money and time; so if you already resources or connection to get orders, then it would help you to get through the most difficult period of the beginning.

03: The third question is “how much big business you want to do”, a cnc machine shop is rely on experience and skilled people that usually not easy to hire, it means you are not easy to expand your business to be a big business.

Do machine shops make money for its owner?


In the end, if you are still interesting to set up a cnc machine shop business, a cnc machine shop can make good money income than most of other small businesses,  that is why a lots people whom has cnc machinist or cnc programmer experience want to try the business, we can tell you that a general profit for a cnc machine shop owner is 1 million per year if you manage the business well.

How much do CNC shop owners make?

Author: Mose Li

Author: Mose Li

Director of Project Engineering at 3Q Machining

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