The Characteristics Of CNC Machining And How To Improve The Efficiency Of CNC Machining

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The Characteristics Of CNC Machining And How To Improve The Efficiency Of CNC Machining

The metal cnc machining service China
The metal cnc machining service China

CNC machining refers to a process method of using lathes to process parts. The process regulations of CNC machining and traditional lathe are generally the same, but there are also obvious changes. CNC machining uses digital information to control the displacement of parts and tools, which is an effective way to solve the problems of small batches, complex shapes, and high precision. CNC machining has the following characteristics:

Process concentration

 CNC machining generally has a tool holder or tool magazine that can automatically change tools, and the tool change process is automatically carried out through program control. Process centralization brings good economic benefits. First, it reduces the space occupied by machine tools and saves workshops. The second is to reduce intermediate links (for example, intermediate inspection and temporary storage of semi-finished products), saving space, time and manpower.

Automatic control

When CNC machining, there is no need to manually operate the tool, and the degree of automation is high. The automatic control of CNC machining brings the following benefits:

  1.  Reduce the requirements for operators: a senior mechanic who can operate an ordinary machine lathe cannot be trained in a short period of time, while the training time for CNC machining operators who do not need programming ability is very short. Moreover, the parts processed by ordinary CNC machining operators on CNC machine tools are more accurate and time-saving than those processed by a senior mechanic on an ordinary machine lathe
  2. Reduce the labor intensity of workers: During the machining process, CNC machining operators do not need to control the machine tool most of the time, which is very labor-saving.
  3. Stable product quality: The automation of CNC machining saves operators from fatigue, carelessness, human error, etc., and improves product consistency.
  4. High processing efficiency: The automatic tool change of the CNC machine lathe makes the processing process more compact and the production efficiency higher.

Higher flexibility

Ordinary general-purpose machine lathes have good flexibility but low efficiency; while traditional special-purpose machine lathes have high efficiency, but have poor adaptability to parts, rigidity, and flexibility, making it difficult to adapt to the frequent product remodeling requirements brought about by market competition. However, CNC machining only needs to modify the program to process new parts on the CNC machining lathe, and it can be operated automatically, has good flexibility and efficiency, and can well adapt to market competition.

Strong production capacity.

Although the machine can accurately process various contours, there are some contours that cannot be processed by ordinary machines. CNC machining is particularly suitable for situations where it is not allowed to discard discarded parts, new product development, and urgently needed parts processing.

How To Improve The Efficiency Of CNC Machining

CNC machining has so many advantages and features, but in the actual production operation process, the production efficiency of different companies is very different. Many CNC machining capabilities are not fully reflected, and their optimal functions are not fully utilized. So how can we effectively improve the efficiency of CNC machining?

  1. Draw up a scientific and reasonable production process route to reduce the auxiliary time of CNC machining and milling, so as to improve the production efficiency of CNC machining lathes. First, it is necessary to carefully analyze and understand the parts processed by CNC, and figure out the material, structural features, dimensional tolerance standards, surface roughness, heat treatment, etc. of the parts. Subsequently, on this basis, a scientific and reasonable milling production process and a concise production and processing route were selected.
  2. Choose the correct CNC machining tool. When selecting a tool, key factors such as the machining capacity of the CNC machining lathe, the content of the process, and the material of the workpiece should be taken into consideration. The CNC tool selected for CNC machining must not only have high toughness, high wear resistance, sufficient compressive strength and ductility, high heat resistance and maintain good process performance, but also its standard specifications should be relatively stable. Reinstall and adjust Should be convenient and fast.
  3. Re-install and clamp the workpiece scientifically and reasonably to increase the turning rate. When producing and processing workpieces on CNC machining lathes, the precise positioning and re-installation of the workpieces should ensure that the design concept standards, production process standards,and programming calculation standards are unified; try to reduce the number of turning times, as far as possible, after a precise positioning and turning, production and processing All the surfaces to be produced and processed; avoid using the machine to manually adjust the production and processing plan in order to give full play to the effectiveness of the CNC machining lathe.
  4. CNC lathe processing requires scientific and reasonable selection of cutting amount to improve the removal efficiency of machining allowance. Cutting parameters include spindle speed, cutting depth, and feed rate.
  5. Implement CNC machining tool pre-adjustment and automatic measurement to reduce the time required for machine adjustment. Many different CNC tools are often used in the process of CNC lathe processing operations. If the CNC tools cannot be adjusted in advance, the operator needs to reinstall each CNC tool on the spindle and slowly determine the exact length And diameter, it will waste time and reduce production efficiency.
  6. Various auxiliary functions and macro programs of the lathe must be used flexibly in the CNC machining process. CNC machining lathe processing has the functions of CNC tool radius and length compensation. The specific method of CNC tool compensation is changed to compensate for the error of CNC tool specifications, and the same production processing program can achieve layered milling and rough and finishing or used to improve the precision of production processing. And the same production and processing procedure can be used to produce and process matching parts.

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Author: Mose Li

Author: Mose Li

Director of Project Engineering at 3Q Machining

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