Swiss Machining

CNC Swiss screw machining & machined products are a specialty of 3Q MACHINING. We promise to deliver high-quality ultra-precision machining and miniature swiss parts, plus a company-wide commitment to maintaining a completely predictable component supply at any production volume or level of precision.

  • Custom CNC Swiss turning and machining parts can be produced fast and efficiently, suitable for a high volume production run of small parts.
  • High speed and reliability ensures a quick turnaround, improved productivity will shorten the production cycle.
  • Precision Swiss CNC machining candle your complex parts project, tight tolerance, and high accuracy can be achieved.
  • Reduced secondary processing due to the application of live tooling and sub-spindles, accelerate the whole process.
  • Premium quality and high-grade material, careful operation, and strict inspection throughout the whole machining process, as well as quality tests for the product.

precision cnc swiss turned brass components

high volume cnc swiss turned brass oil gas retainers

Benefits of Swiss Machining

  1. The piece is held steady in the position near the operation point and not affected by the force of tools, the precision can be maintained in tight tolerance.
  2. Small parts with complex profiles and configurations can be manufactured, including thin walls, deep cuts, and more intricate features.
  3. Because the Swiss machine can perform multiple operations at once, the production speed is much higher than common lathes.
  4. Fewer needs for secondary processing and treatment, a shorter cycle of the production run.
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One-stop sourcing your rapid prototype and custom part

Precision Machining cnc machining
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