Overview: ball screw machining

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Overview: ball screw machining

Ball Screw Machining

What is ball screw machining?

Ball screw machining is a way of crafting precise alignments by using an assembly of ball bearings to create linear motion.

Ball screw machining is a popular method in many industries that need precision alignment. It’s mainly used in things like the aerospace industry, semiconductor industry, and medical device manufacturing.

The ball screw contains bearings that move along the axis of the screw allowing for linear motion. It can be used to produce complex shapes with both high levels of accuracy and repeatability.

How to manufacture ball screw by machining

Machining is the process in which material is removed from a work piece by the action of one or more cutting tools.

Machining may be contrasted with the other main cutting process for metalwork, turning, which uses rotary cutters or chisels to remove material from the workpiece. Whereas machining methods are subtractive, turning methods are additive.

Manufacturers of screws and bolts use precision-machined ball screws to reduce backlash and increase accuracy over conventional lead screw drives. Ball screws can also be used for linear motion applications such as machine slides where they are called “linear rails”.

Ball screw is one of the most important elements in machine tool. It has a high accuracy and rigidity, making it easy to provide power transmission and motion control.

Making ball screw requires various machining processes. The following are the steps to make ball screw by machining:

  • 1) Machine bearing hole, keyway, end threading, taper hole;
  • 2) Machine rack groove;
  • 3) Machine nut groove;
  • 4) Machine nut slot, nut slot groove;
  • 5) Drill through hole for internal threading of nut slot groove.
Author: Mose Li

Author: Mose Li

Director of Project Engineering at 3Q Machining

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