One 3D Printer combine with 3D Printing, CNC, Laser Cutting together

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One 3D Printer combine with 3D Printing, CNC, Laser Cutting together

a complete 3d printing laser cutting cnc engraving

The advanced 3D Printer

The advanced technique production! A complete 3D printing laser cutting CNC engraving, bringing imagination to reality

In 2017, Chuangcifang introduced Snapmaker, an all-round 3D printer.

The silent machine was a blockbuster. The original fundraising goal was $50000, but 5000+ supporters were gloomy. In the end, it raised $2277182 and became a Kickstarter crowdfunding website 3D printing TOP 3 product.

Unlike other projects that have fallen off the end, the final product delivered by Snapmaker is also full of sincerity, which is well received in the circle!

After two years, the team strives for perfection and launches Snapmaker 2.0.

The crowdfunding is nearing its end, with 6000+ supporters and a crowdfunding amount of $6633804, far exceeding 1.0.

Why is the Snapmaker series so crazy? Please follow the shots of Chuangzhifang and explore this issue of “Into Science”.

Snapmaker 2.0 adopts a modular design, breaking through the limitations of 3D printers, realizing three-in-one, 3D printing, laser engraving & cutting, and CNC engraving.

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1. 3D Printing

Snapmaker 2.0 can use a variety of materials to print items with different characteristics to give them toughness, durability or flexibility.

The automatic bed leveling function is used to detect the bed in the grid through the induction sensor, and the grid-based compensation is applied to level the plane, without the user’s complicated processing, you can print.

The cooling system has been redesigned to cool the printing most efficiently and obtain items with deep hanging and smooth surfaces.

The hot bed is magnetically designed and can be easily removed and put back into the build plate. To separate the prints, you only need to pick up and bend the build plate.

During the printing process, the filament sensor continues to work. When it senses that the filament is exhausted, it immediately pauses and reminds to load a new filament, so that the work can continue to be printed without destroying the work.

2. CNC engraving

CNC engraving is an ideal choice for precise engraving or cutting of hard materials. Snapmaker 2.0 can create precise 2.5D and 3D CNC engraving objects, with faster working speed and larger working space than 1.0.

Snapmaker 2.0 is not limited by the choice of plastic or soft materials. Materials such as hardwood, PCB, acrylic, POM, carbon fiber board, etc. can all become materials for making creative projects.

Snapmaker 2.0 has a fully upgraded CNC module, supports 100+ engraving and cutting positions (diameter range 0.5mm-6.35mm), using standard ER11 chuck, can ensure better concentricity, so as to achieve faster CNC engraving speed and more The large pressure drop significantly saves engraving time.

3. Laser engraving & cutting

Various materials and objects in daily life can be processed through the laser engraving & cutting module of Snapmaker 2.0, including paper, plywood, leather, acrylic, cardboard, fabric, and even food such as biscuits and coconuts to add color to the objects.

For laser engraving, Snapmaker 2.0 provides a built-in camera that allows users to preview the design on the material, edit the design and accurately position it to the desired location.

Combined with the equipped software, Snapmaker 2.0 can recognize individual drawings and convert them into laser engraved or cut vector images. You can also edit the converted vector images directly in the software to adapt to all engraved or cut works.

Due to the modular design, Snapmaker 2.0 can obtain more functions by continuously adding and replacing modules. The team also plans to launch different new modules to allow Snapmaker 2.0 to achieve more creativity.

For example, more powerful laser modules, third-party compatibility packages, rotating modules, and longer linear modules.

Connect other accessory component modules to expand functions.

A camera that can view progress and status in real time.

Hand-wheel module for convenient manual control.

Emergency stop button.

Protect the shell, etc.

In order to effectively control the continuous extension of the module system, the team innovative adopted the CAN (controller area network) bus extension solution widely used in automotive automation, which can support various tool heads, additional components, and multiple linear Modules and more functions instead of expanding creativity by adding more ports and making larger control boards and tangled cables.

The complex module system and functions require a simple operating system. The team developed an easy-to-operate three-in-one software Snapmakerjs.

Combining 1.0 user feedback and suggestions, 18 versions are updated in real time, adding multiple model printing/engraving/cutting, SVG editing, embossing and multi-language support functions, and simplifying the operation as much as possible while achieving more functions.

Later, open source will be provided, allowing users to easily add new functions to existing modules with the help of plug-in systems, APIs and tutorials, and even develop new functions for custom modules to jointly build a true modular system.

At the same time, a mobile touch screen is provided to simplify the workflow of daily projects and manage the most commonly used tasks directly from the touch screen.

Through Wi-Fi or USB ports, Snapmaker 2.0 can be connected to different devices for easy use.

You can also upload the design via Wi-Fi or a USB flash drive, press the button to start production.

At the same time, the firmware can be updated directly via Wi-Fi.

Snapmaker 2.0 has extremely meticulous work capabilities, uses high-precision parts, and has an overall upgrade design. The repeatability is 0.005mm, and the return repeatability is 0.01mm. It can continue 3D printing, laser engraving & cutting and CNC engraving with high resolution. object.

The built-in recovery system can automatically detect the power failure, and after recovery, continue to work from the interrupted location, ensuring perfect 3D printing, laser engraving & cutting and CNC engraving.

Snapmaker 2.0 further develops the all-metal structure of 1.0, and all modules and main components are made of high-strength metal.

For example, the controller board and power adapter use aluminum alloy shells to obtain better heat dissipation effect; the original POM rollers are upgraded to steel rollers to provide higher load-bearing capacity and rigidity.

The linear module has also been upgraded to make it easier to maintain. The lead screw, drive chip and precision parts are completely enclosed in an aluminum alloy shell, which solves the problem of dirt accumulation and improves durability.

It can be seen that Snapmaker 2.0 adheres to the Olympic spirit and is guided by the scientific development concept, and is practicing faster, higher and stronger pace.

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Author: Mose Li

Author: Mose Li

Director of Project Engineering at 3Q Machining

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