Metal gear fidget spinner

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Metal gear fidget spinner

A gear fidget spinner is a toy that is spun by the fingers and can help those who have trouble focusing or fidgeting.

In recent years, the trend of stress-relieving toys has been growing rapidly. One of the most popular types of these toys are metal gear fidget spinners, which are made from three nested gears. The center gear is fixed onto a flat surface and rotates with minimal effort from one’s fingers. This spinning motion creates a mesmerizing effect as the other gears rotate around it, making it a popular toy for those who have trouble focusing or need something to do with their hands to keep them busy.

Metal gear fidget spinner

Metal gear fidget spinner

  • Fidget Chain, Delicate Gift for Adults and Kids – Gold (Screwdriver Included).
  • Made by Metal Stainless Steel 18-8 with Stable Bearing, Each Chain is Made of High Quality Steel, Firm and Smooth.
  • Bike Chain Design, 2 Golden Roulette, Mechanics Toy. (Kindly Remind: The Internal Parts are Coated with Lubricating Oil).
  • Simple, Discrete and Fun, Also Effective for Focus and Deep Thought. Great Kill Time Toy for Computer Working Relax, Loading Game and Studying.

According to this study, those who had fidget spinners in their hands scored worse on memory tests about the videos afterward. Additionally, even students who said they liked the toys and found them helpful suffered memory impairment, stated the Hechinger Report.

Many kids don’t pay attention during class when they spin the gadget under their desk. Fidget spinners are distracting, dangerous and most schools banned them. … First of all, fidget spinners should be banned from school because these toys get people hurt especially safe for kids.

Fidget spinners are distracting, dangerous and should be banned from school

How it is manufactured?

Metal gear fidget spinner is primarily made of metal. The most common metals used are steel, brass, and copper alloys. A fidget spinner can be made of any type of metal (except gold).

The manufacturing process for the metal gear fidget spinner starts with an extruding or pressing machine that cuts or stamps an outer shape according to the desired design. The sheet is then cut into individual parts using a press brake, water jet cutter, laser trimming machine, or CNC lathe (CNC Machining).

After all parts are finished, you need to assembly it one by one with hand work.

Author: Mose Li

Author: Mose Li

Director of Project Engineering at 3Q Machining

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