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Machining Materials Guide

CNC Machining Materials List

CNC machining have a long list of available materials for CNC prototypes and manufacturing parts, from hard metals like stainless steel and titanium, to soft metals such as aluminum, copper, brass, all the way to plastics including ABS, PC, PA, etc.

Material TypeAlloyGeneral CharacteristicsCommon ApplicationsTolerances for 1/2″ Dia.
Aluminum2011Designed for machiningElectronic hardware, endless commercial productsCold finish
2024Improved strength, high fatigue and cracking resistanceElectronic hardware, aircraft components, automotive parts, structural applications.+/-.0015
6061Good formability, weldability, and corrosion resistanceElectronic hardware, recreation equipment, piping, aircraft componentsCold finish
+/-.0015                                                          Extruded
7075Higher strengthAircraft components.+/-.0015
Brass35300Strength, corrosion and wear resistance, and excellent machinabilityWell suited for parts with knurling or threading.+/-.0015
36000Low cost, low strength, heavy, free machiningElectronic hardware and contacts, fittings, numerous commercial products.+/-.0015
CopperC11000High corrosion resistance, conductivity, and finishTransformers, electrical contacts, fittings.+/-.0015
TeCu C14500Excellent electrical conductivityElectrical contacts.+/-.0015
BeCu C17200Non-magnetic and has a very low permeabilityMagnetic housings, Electrical contacts, Bushings, Bearings, Pump components.+/-.0015
BeCu C17300Excellent electrical conductivity and the strengthMarine environments, Electrical contacts, Fasteners, Valve components, Pump components.+/-.002
BeCu C17500Excellent electrical conductivity and the strengthMarine environments, Electrical contacts, Fasteners, Valve components, Pump components.+/-.002
Stainless Steel303Designed for machining, non-magneticElectronic hardware, automotive, aerospace, medical instruments, and many applications requiring corrosion resistanceCold finished
+/- .002
304Better weldability and formability, slightly more corrosion resistantApplications needing formability or weldability, food equipments Cold finished
316Better corrosion resistance Medical implants and surgical instruments, aerospaceCold finished
430FRCorrosion resistance and high electrical resistivityExcellent corrosion resistance in fresh water, gaseous, moderately acidic, and low chlorine environments.+/-.002
440High carbon, can harden to RC 60Applications requiring stainless steel with highest hardness.+/-.002
Special Alloy17-4 PH Excellent corrosion resistance and heat treatableMedical, aerospace, applications needing corrosion resistance and hardness.+/-.002
Carp 49High magnetic permeability and highest saturation flux densityElectronic components; Instruments; Communications devices.+/-.002
Greek AscoloyHigh heat resistanceAircraft / Aerospace components.+/-.002
HastelloyResistance to pitting, stress, oxidation, chemicals, acids, and saltwaterOilfield parts, pipes, valve components.+/-.002
Hymu 80Maximum electromagnetic permeability and minimum hysteresis lossElectrical components
MRI equipment
Nitronic 60Stress cracking, chloride pitting, seawater, and gall resistancesBushings, shafts, pins, pump and valve components
MRI equipment
Steel1008Moderate strength and low-stress applications.Good matte surface finish that makes it suitable for exposed parts.+/-.002
1018Plain low carbon steel, poor machinability but good formability and weldability. Case harden onlyRivets and parts requiring strong weldsCold draw                                                                0
1045Strength, impact resistance and higher tensile strength. Responds to heat treatment extremely well, but it not recommended for case hardening.+/-.003
1137Higher carbon, higher strength, direct hardeningHigher stress applications, gears, shafts, studs, etc.Cold draw                                                                0
11L37Strength and machinabilityEasily machined and can be annealed, quenched, tempered, and heat treated.+/-.003
11L41Strength and hardness and a more uniform surface hardnessAxles, shafts, bolts, and pins.+/-.003
12L14Designed for excellent machinability. Case hard onlyEndless commercial products; probably more pounds used in turned products than any other bar stockCold draw                                                                0
1215Designed for good machinability. Case harden onlyParts needing better formability or weldability than 12L14Cold draw                                                                0
4130Strength, toughness, and fatigue resistanceMilitary and commercial aircraft partsNorm AQ
HT Condition F4
4140 or 4142Popular general-purpose alloy. Direct hardeningGears, shafts, pins, bolts and nuts, pump and valve componentsCold draw                                                                0
41L40Designed for better machining w/lead additive; direct hardeningCouplings, shafts, tooling, boltsCold draw                                                                0
8620.55% Ni, .50% Cr, .20% Mo, heat treatable and case hardeningShafts, bushings, pins, gears, boltsCold draw                                                                0
52100Very high 1% carbon, .25% Ni,1.4% Cr, .08% MoBearing applicationsCold drawn
Spheroidize annealed
+/- .006
TitaniumTi-6Al-4V High strength, light weightAircraft and aerospace partsGround & polished
Ti-6Al-4VEliHigh strength, light weight, good bio-compatibilityMedical implantsGround & polished
Plastic AcetalSimilar to nylon, better machinabilityInsulators, bearings, gears, bushingsGround
DelrinSimilar to nylon, better machinabilityInsulators, bearings, gears, bushings.+/-.02
 Nylon, extrudedGood machining, high friction resistanceInsulator, bearing, short runs of products that will be converted to injection moldingGround
PEEKHigh strength plastic resin, extremely high resistance to heat, moisture, and chemicalsBearings, Bushings, Pump components, Medical implants, Aerospace components.+/.004-0
PTFE and TeflonHigh impact strength and durability, resistance to frictional wear, weathering, flame, heat, chemical, and radiationInsulators, Bearings, Spacers, Valve components, low moisture absorption rate, making it suitable for use in wet environments.+/.005-0
PVCLow cost, lightweight plasticInsulators, fittings, bushings, pump and valve componentsGround
ULTEMOne of the highest dielectric strengths of any thermoplasticAerospace and electronics components.+/.002-0
UHMWExtremely high resistance to wear and abrasion, resistant to most corrosive materialsBushings, Bearings, Sprockets.+/.005-0
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