10 Reasons Why CNC Machining is a good career?

CNC machining is one of the best career you can get WELL PAID without a college degree, it get pays very well with long-term employment prospect due to your technique and experience will keep increasing year by year, therefor your salary in-come will also keep increasing, and one day you can establish your own CNC Machining shop business. According to our survey and study in China, the average salary of public colleges is almost $9,500 ~  $30,000 a year. Getting a college degree is a business decision so why spend that much money unless you are certain of the ROI? Especially if you’re not sure what you want to do yet. Doing CNC MACHINING is a high skilled job, you might get low pay at the beginning, but could learn a lots of machining technique and knowledge from your work, then the interest will keep increasing as your experience and technique keep improving, a high-skill CNC Machinist always is needed anywhere anytime. The main reason of why CNC Machining job could be well paid and long term employment career, it is because CNC Machined Parts are expensive but cost-effective for  10 Reasons Why CNC Machining is a good career? Are you interested in learning more for CNC MACHINING jobs to start your career? If so, here are 10 indications that a CNC MACHINING career could be right for you. You don’t have a college but want to do well paid and long term employment job. You always prefer to work

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What are CNC machined parts?

What are CNC machined parts? Any parts that you want to have can be CNC Machined, but considering the best cost-solution for a machined part, we could also choose machined a part with different ways including of CNC Machining, Die-cutting, Injection Molding, Stamping, Drawing Forming based on your design drawing & product requirement & quantity & timing. CNC Machined Parts made by CNC MACHINING “ computer digital control precision machery” which including of CNC grinding, CNC routing, CNC drilling, CNC lathe, CNC milling, CNC turning to custom made any different types of parts with different materials, such as metal aluminum, stainless steel, brass and plastic etc. Machined Parts that requires high-precision, small quantity, complex structure, and fast delivery, the CNC Machining would be the best cost-solution to machine the parts: with advanced technology of “Computer Digital Control Precision Machinery” that allow CNC Machining achieve high precision parts with any metal or plastic material, no need to develop tooling to machine the parts that can speed up production lead time and save tooling cost (that’s totally different from the impression of CNC Machined Part is Expensive), it usually only take 1 day to do CNC Program for the machined parts based on 3D Design Drawings (STP, IGS, SOLIDWORKS etc.), then our CNC Machinist will follow the production technique drawing to machine the parts, inspection & measure, surface treatment, and packaging. After all these production steps finished, we can ship the CNC Machined Parts to your warehouse within 3~5 days with DHL, FEDEX, UPS

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cnc machining programmer


Why is CNC machining custom parts so expensive? Question: I recently designed a part for a custom build I am working on. I wanted to have it made from stainless steel, and I went on to Xometry to get a quote and my price ended up being over $1,000. Is most of this cost coming from the material or labor? I know CNC machining isn’t cheap, especially for custom parts, but I had no idea it would be this much. Is there a place I could find cheaper prices, or is this normal and I am just inexperienced with my knowledge? Answers: 01.  The Machined Part is a complex design with high requirement that needs high end CNC Machinery and long processing timing to machined: Cnc machinist here, some complicated parts that need things like a 6 axis cnc can take up to 10 hours of programming and setup time, not to mention harder materials like ss require more expensive tools or the machine has to be run slower. Even if the part only takes 4 minutes to machine, you still have to do all the work that goes into it before hand, still has to go through QA. In most cases it’s not that much more expensive to make 10-1000 parts vs just making a single one off part. 02. The Machined Part you need is only small quantity that means set up cost is high for each part. You could get 5 copies made for the same price

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Is CNC Programmer A Good Career?

Regarding whether the career of a CNC programmer is a good career, different people have different answers, and you cannot simply answer whether it is good or bad. When a person just goes out to work and faces an unfamiliar industry, in addition to considering the salary and prospects of the career, he also needs to consider his personality, abilities, interests, and hobbies. If you are engaged in a career that does not match your personality and hobbies, even if you are paid a high salary, you will be bored with the work and become listless all day long. If you think that this career is promising, but your abilities are not up to it, you will not achieve something and you will eventually fail and leave. CNC machining usually refers to computer numerical control precision machining. The main job of a CNC programmer is to compile machining programs. If you have studied CNC and have a certain foundation, such as knowing some commonly used G code and M code, and have a certain interest in this industry, then you can try to engage in this kind of work. As a CNC programmer, it is not the assembly line work. The assembly line work can start to work after simple training. As a CNC programmer, there is a certain degree of technicality. In addition to taking special training courses, it also needs specific practical experience. Of course, the salary is relatively high. As for career prospects of the CNC programmer, whatever job you have has a future, and the top pick

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Why is the Apple Watch stainless steel chain strap so expensive?

We all know that there are many kinds of Apple Watch straps, such as finely woven nylon straps, elastic silicone straps, woven single loop straps, Fluoroelastomer sports straps, leather straps, stainless steel straps, and so on. The price of straps made of different materials varies greatly, especially the price of stainless steel chain straps is very expensive. Because our company 3Qmachining is engaged in CNC machining, we are familiar with CNC machining and have a fanatical interest in excellent CNC machining products. Our company has studied the processing and manufacturing methods of this stainless steel watchband and learned some techniques used in processing this watchband. According to Apple’s description, this chain strap contains more than 100 components and is made of the same 316L stainless steel alloy as the watch case. The watchband’s processing technology keeps improving, and it takes nearly 9 hours to cut just one chain link of the watchband. The special design is that the butterfly buckle is integrated with the watchband. Multiple chain links are equipped with simple and easy release buttons. You can add and remove links without any special tools. According to our research, the following technologies are used in the manufacture of this stainless steel watchband: A multi-axis CNC machining center is used. Each section of this watchband, including the butterfly buckle, is carved and milled with the CNC machining center, polished, laser welded, and finally assembled. Apple company says it takes nearly 9 hours to cut, it is true. One or more sets of

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What Are The Difficulties And Resistances In Developing Five-axis CNC Technology

Advantages of five-axis machining Five-axis CNC machining is the most difficult and most widely used technology in CNC technology. It integrates computer control, high-performance servo drive, and precision machining technology, and is used for efficient, precise, and automated machining of complex curved surfaces. Compared with three-axis CNC machining, from the perspective of technology and programming, five-axis CNC machining for complex curved surfaces has the following advantages: Improve processing quality and efficiency Expand the process range Meet the new direction of composite development However, due to interference and position control of the tool in the machining space, five-axis CNC machining has a much more complicated CNC programming, CNC system, and machine tool structure than a three-axis machine tool. Therefore, it is difficult to truly realize five-axis machining, and it is even more difficult to operate and use it well. True and false five-axis machining When talking about five-axis machining, we have to talk about true and false five-axis machining. The main difference between true and false five-axis machining is whether it has the RTCP function. RTCP is the abbreviation of “Rotational Tool Center Point”. Only five-axis machining with RTCP function is true five-axis machining. Five-axis machine tools and CNC systems that do not have the RTCP function must rely on CAM programming and post-processing, and plan the tool path in advance. For the same part, if the machine tool is changed, or the tool is changed, CAM programming and post-processing must be performed again, so it can only be called false five-axis machining. In short, true five-axis machining means

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Problems and solutions that easily occur in the 3D printing process

3D printing seems simple, but in fact, various problems often appear in printing. For professional users or users who like DIY, it is relatively simple to solve the problems in the printing process. For ordinary users, it is especially important to be able to quickly find the questions and answers during the printing process. The following problems are all problems that may occur during the printing process, and we have given solutions. Of course, these answers are not unique. You can also use your own insights and experience to deal with common printer problems as a user. No material squeezed out at the beginning of printing If your 3D printer starts printing, the nozzle does not squeeze out the consumables, then there are four main problems: The extruder is not ready For most extruders, when the consumables are left in the high-temperature nozzle, the consumables will slowly seep out of the nozzle, which will cause a cavity to form inside the nozzle. When you print again, the consumables will gradually fill the space in the nozzle, causing a delay of several seconds. To avoid this problem, the nozzle must be filled with material and ready to be extruded before printing. The usual solution is that the extruder will draw a circle around the printed model before printing to ensure the correct extrusion of the printed material. Of course, the user can also manually control the extruder to extrude the material. The nozzle is too close to the hot bed If the nozzle is

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What Are The Main Applications Of 3D Printing In The World Today?

3D printer, also known as the three-dimensional printer (3DP), is a kind of cumulative manufacturing technology that is a kind of machine of rapid prototyping technology. It is based on a digital model file and uses adhesive materials such as special wax materials, powdered metals or plastics, etc. By printing layers of adhesive materials to create three-dimensional objects. This article mainly introduces the main applications of 3D printing at present. Application in the education industry Modern education uses 3D printing to improve students’ quality Introducing 3D printers into the campus can train students’ innovative ability and hands-on practical ability, turn students’ creativity and imagination into reality, and realize the organic combination of the virtual world and the physical world. This will greatly develop students’ hands-on and brain-working abilities, thereby realizing the reform of school training methods. 3D printers make learning more interesting Children enjoy the process of learning and enhance their creativity and deepen their understanding of the subject. Three-dimensional visual effects are an amazing learning tool, and 3D printing can help explain difficult concepts. Manufacturing industry applications Parts printing For different parts design, 3D printing can be printed directly and quickly to meet different levels of demand and save time and cost. Improve production efficiency 3D printing helps to improve the production efficiency of the assembly line. Because 3D printing is fast and low-cost, everything can be done directly in-house. Expanded the scope of production 3D printing can generate parts of any shape from computer graphics data so that production can be extended

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Processing Technology Of Titanium Alloy Parts

Titanium alloy has low density, high specific strength (strength/density), good corrosion resistance, high heat resistance, good toughness, plasticity, and weldability. Titanium alloys have been widely used in many fields, such as in aerospace, automotive, medical, sporting goods, and electrolysis industries, etc. However, poor thermal conductivity, high hardness, and low modulus of elasticity have also resulted in titanium alloy becoming a metal material that is more difficult to process. This article summarizes some technological measures in the cutting of titanium alloys based on their technological characteristics. Use cemented carbide tools as much as possible. Tungsten-cobalt cemented carbide has the characteristics of high strength and good thermal conductivity and is not prone to chemical reaction with titanium at high temperatures. It is suitable for processing titanium alloys. Reasonably select the geometric parameters of the tool to process titanium alloy parts. Toreduce the cutting temperature and reduce the phenomenon of tool adhesion, we can appropriately reduce the rake angle of the tool, and increase the contact area between the chips and the rake surface to dissipate heat. At the same time, increase the clearance angle of the tool to reduce the phenomenon of tool sticking due to the frictional contact between the machined surface and the flank surface of the tool. The tip of the tool should adopt a circular arc transition to enhance the strength of the tool. When processing titanium alloys, the tools must be sharpened frequently to ensure their sharp edges and smooth chip removal. Appropriate cutting parameters. To determine the cutting parameters, please refer to

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How To Reduce The Tool Radial Runout In CNC Milling?

In the CNC cutting process, there are many reasons for machining errors. The error caused by the tool radial runout is one of the important factors, which directly affects the minimum shape error and the machined surface geometry accuracy. In actual cutting, the radial runout of the tool affects the machining accuracy, surface roughness, uneven wear of the tool, and the cutting process characteristics of the multi-tooth tool. The greater the radial runout of the tool, the more unstable the machining state of the tool, and the more obvious the impact. Causes of radial runout Tool manufacturing errors and clamping errors cause drift and eccentricity between the tool axis and the ideal rotation axis of the spindle, as well as specific processing techniques and tooling, which may cause radial runout of CNC milling machine tools during processing. The influence of the radial runout of the spindle itself The main reasons for the radial runout error of the main shaft are the coaxiality error of each journal of the main shaft, various errors of the bearing itself, the coaxiality error between the bearings, and the deflection of the main shaft. Their influence on the radial rotation accuracy of the spindle varies with the processing method. These factors are formed in the process of manufacturing and assembling the machine tool, and it is difficult for the operator of the machine tool to avoid their influence. The impact of the inconsistency between the tool center and the spindle rotation center When the tool is installed on

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