How to program cnc machine

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How to program cnc machine

How to program CNC Machining? CNC programming means that the programmer (programmer or CNC machine operator) compiles a series of instructions that can be run on the CNC machine tool to complete the specified processing tasks according to the requirements of the part drawings and process documents the process of. Specifically, CNC machine tool programming is the entire process from the analysis of the part drawing and process requirements to the program inspection.

How to program cnc

There are two kinds of CNC programming essentials: manual programming and automatic programming. Manual programming refers to a programming process that involves manual completion of various steps including part pattern analysis, process processing, data planning, preparation of step lists, input steps to step verification. It is practically used for point processing or products with simple appearance and easy programming.

Processes of Manual Program Cnc Machine

Step 01: Analyze part drawings and process requirements:


The purpose of analyzing the part draw