How to Improve The Surface Quality of the CNC Processing Products

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How to Improve The Surface Quality of the CNC Processing Products

How to Improve The Surface Quality of the CNC Processing Products
How to Improve The Surface Quality of the CNC Processing Products

CNC machining can solve the processing problems of some large and small batches in industrial production. Some precision parts can also be completed by CNC machining centers, but this raises the requirements for the surface quality of parts. How can we improve the surface quality of CNC machined parts during actual operation?

Reasonably design cutting-in and cutting-out routes

When using a CNC machining center for parts processing, it is necessary to optimize the design of the cutting-in and cutting-out routes to optimize the cutting angle of the machine tool. In order to achieve the effect of reducing the marks of the cutter and ensuring that the quality of the surface is not affected, it is necessary to optimize the cutting of the cutter. The cutting point of the tool mainly starts from the periphery of the part, so as to ensure a smooth contour surface. Try to choose a smaller feed rate for the cutting tool, let it keep cutting at a slow speed, so that the cutting transition smoothly, so as to ensure the cutting quality.

Correctly choose the cutting method

When using a CNC milling machine for processing, there are two ways of down milling and up milling. The finishing effect of down milling is better than that of up milling. Therefore, when processing parts, try to choose down milling to improve the surface quality of parts when conditions permit. When turning shaft parts, it is necessary to select the same turning tool as much as possible for the processing of different journals, so as to better reduce the marks caused by the tool connection.

Use new high-efficiency tools

The efficiency and performance of CNC machining centers are inseparable from tools. For the machined parts with high precision requirements, not only the perfect technological process must be paid attention to, but also the selection and the use of new and efficient tools. Today’s tool optimization design can use new tools, which can more reasonably solve the problems of machining safety, accuracy, surface roughness, high-speed cutting, and the ability to optimize cutting paths.

Use good CNC machining program

Optimize the numerical control processing program and provide good numerical control data for processing, which can better improve the quality. Compared with ordinary machine tools, CNC machining centers not only require operators to have a higher level of operation in the processing of parts, but also need to have a higher level of programming and process analysis. In order to ensure machining accuracy, it is necessary to optimize and streamline the program in order to improve production efficiency.

In the CNC machining processing, we need to find out the reason for the low surface accuracy, and then set out to solve it. The possible reasons are mainly as follows:

  1. The cutting parameters are unreasonable, and the surface of the workpiece is rough.
  2. The cutting edge of the tool is not sharp.
  3. The tool clamping is too long, and the cutting edge is too long.
  4. Chip removal, air blowing and oil flushing are not good.
  5. The programming method is not good (try down milling as much as possible).
  6. The workpiece has burrs.

The above-mentioned reasons cause the low surface accuracy of CNC machining center parts. In view of these factors, we can generally take the following measures to improve:

  1. Cutting parameters, tolerances, margins, and the settingsof speed feed should be reasonable.
  2. The operator should inspect and replace the cutting tools irregularly.
  3. When clamping the tool, the operator shouldclamp the cutting tools as short as possible, and the cutting edge should not be too long.
  4. For the down-cutting of flat knife, R knife, and round nose knife, thesetting of the speed feed should be reasonable.
  5. The burr on the workpiece is directly related to our machine tool, cutting tool, and cutting method. So we have to well understand the performance of the machine tool and make up the edges with burrs.

The above is about the reason analysis and improvement methods of the low surface precision of the CNC machined parts. There are many common problems, such as over-cutting of the workpiece, tool setting problems, etc. To solve these problems, you can use the above-mentioned methods to find out the reason first, and then work out the solution.

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Author: Mose Li

Author: Mose Li

Director of Project Engineering at 3Q Machining

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