How much of WEDM-LS?

How much of WEDM-LS?

Slow wire cutting is a type of wire EDM, also called (WEDM-LS). It uses continuously moving fine metal wire (called electrode wire) as an electrode to perform pulse spark discharge to remove metal and cut the workpiece. It is mainly used to process all kinds of complex and precise small workpieces.

How does WEDM-LS calculate the processing cost in factory production? Usually, the processing fee is calculated based on the processing area, so we will often hear how much it costs per square meter for slow-moving wire processing. This article has compiled a common processing fee calculation method for your reference. It must be noted that the prices of different processing conditions will vary, and cannot be generalized.

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How Much Of WEDM-LS?

Basic processing calculation method:

Basic processing refers to the general shape of the processed material of steel, the thickness of the workpiece is 20-80mm, and the brass wire of 0.2-0.25mm is used for processing.

The price calculation method is:

Total amount = cutting area * unit price + small hole price + punch (in block) price + fine hole discharge fee + material fee

among them:

Cutting area m㎡=(perimeter + lead) * thickness of workpiece

Unit price of basic processing (yuan/m㎡):

Cut a knife: $0.025/m㎡

One cut and one repair: $0.028/m㎡

Cut one and repair two: $0.033/m㎡

Cut one and repair three: $0.036/m㎡

The price of perforated wire hole: the diameter is greater than 0.30mm, the thickness is less than 30mm at 3 dollars per hole, the more than 30mm is charged at 0.15 US dollars/mm; the diameter is less than 0.30mm and the price of copper and tungsten steel needs extra costs.

Special processing price calculation method:

In actual processing, some special situations are involved, such as low-thickness or high-thickness workpieces, special material processing, taper processing or upper and lower profile processing, fine wire processing, and special process processing.

1) Templates with a thickness of less than 20mm are priced at 20mm; steels with a thickness of 80-100mm are calculated at 1.5 times the price of general templates; thicknesses between 101-150mm are calculated as 2 times; 151-200mm are calculated as 2.5 times; above 201mm are calculated as 3 times.

2) The minimum charge for cutting holes, that is, if the area is less than this price, the minimum charge is $13.00 per hole; the minimum charge for cutting one and one repair: $15.00/hole; the minimum charge for cutting one and repairing two: $17.00 /Hole; minimum charge for cutting one and repairing three: $19.00/hole

3) The minimum basic price for punch and block secant is: $50/piece for cutting one and repairing one, $60/piece for cutting one and repairing two, and $ 70/piece for cutting one and repairing, that is, if the area and small holes are insufficient, please click here The basic price is US$30 each for the triangular punching needle; the minimum fee for the template is US$90/piece; if side cutting is required, additional charges will be charged according to the side processing.

4) If the slope is within 1-4°, it will be calculated as 1.5 times the normal price; within 4-10° it will be calculated as 2 times; within 10-20° it will be calculated as 2.5 times; the price above 20° will be discussed separately; 1.5 times the price.

5) Copper material is calculated at 1.5 times the general price, and tungsten steel is calculated at 2 times the general price.

6) The mold fee for the side cutting frame is US$50, and the wire cutting fee is extra.

7) Gears below 8 mm are charged at USD $20/tooth, and helical gears are charged at USD $30/tooth; for gears above 8 mm, it is charged at 4 times.

8) For the processing of copper wire with a diameter of 0.15mm, the processing fee is 3 times the above quotation, and for the processing of 0.10mm copper wire, the processing fee is 6 times the above quotation.

Price cost based on processing time:

In the market, the calculation of the processing cost of slow-moving wire is mostly based on how much is one square meter, but there are also calculations of price and cost based on the processing time.

Calculate the price according to the processing time:

Generally: US$80-150/hour

In recent years, low-price competition in the processing industry has disrupted the entire market. No matter what the price, there are always suppliers who take orders. For their own benefit, some customers only focus on cost-down constantly, not considering a reasonable profit margin for supplier. But without the support of profit margin, where does the quality come from?

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