How are CNC machines so precise? Get CNC Machining Service from 3Q MACHINING

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How are CNC machines so precise? Get CNC Machining Service from 3Q MACHINING

Can we make machining parts with CNC machines precisely?

The precision of the machining process is essential to the quality of the final product. CNC machining is a process that allows us to make parts or products with high precision. With CNC machining, we can make parts or products very precisely and accurately. This is because the machine does not need any human intervention to move around the workpiece.

How are CNC machines so precise?

When looking at the precision of our machining part project, a question pop up how are cnc machines so precise and here’s why as follow:

Geometric accuracy: CNC machines are able to cut parts with a high degree of precision. This is because they have a digital controller that can create an accurate 3D model of the part and make adjustments to its cutting path.

Repeatability: The repeatability of CNC machines is also very high, as they are able to make identical cuts in the same position over and over again.

Material properties: The material properties also affect how precise the cut can be, such as hardness and density. For example, if you want a high degree of precision in your metal machining process, you should use a harder metal alloy with lower density.

Computer Control: CNC machines are so precise because they are controlled by a computer. This allows the machine to be programmed to make the exact same cuts every time, which means that all of the pieces that come out of the machine will be identical.

Less Human error: The precision is also due to the fact that there is no human error in setting up or running a CNC machine. The setup is done automatically and it’s impossible for a person to make an error when running it.

Author: Mose Li

Author: Mose Li

Director of Project Engineering at 3Q Machining

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