Equipment Parts Machining

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Equipment Parts Machining

industrial automation equipment Parts Machining

In the advanced industrials, more and more automation equipments are developed and being used global factories to replace handworking, these equipments require a lots of custom parts with small volume quantities, and high precision.

At 3Q Machining, our one-stop machining services can help you to acquire high precision machining parts for your equipments as fast as 3 days (which our general lead time is 7days) and save your money start from $150 without MOQ.

Contact us today to send your CAD drawing for our engineer reveiewing to get instant quote, we always stand by to offer 7*24H service for our global customers.

Most common materials for equipment parts


The most popular metal material for equipment parts due to its high machinability and low cost.

Stainless Steel

The second popular metal material for equipment parts due to its good rust resistant and easy welding.

Types of Equipment Parts:

  1. Non-standard equipment parts
  2. Automation Equipment Parts
  3. Medical Equipment Parts
  4. Oil Equipment Parts
  5. Monitor & Measure Equipment Parts
  6. Communication Equipment Parts
  7. Electronic Equipment Parts

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precision cnc machined aluminum components
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Author: Mose Li

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One-stop sourcing your rapid prototype and custom part

Precision Machining cnc machining
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