EDC Metal Lanyard Bead

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EDC Metal Lanyard Bead

EDC lanyard bead is a lanyard with a removable, rotating (or swiveling) metal bead. It is used for holding keys, badges, ID cards, and other daily essentials.

It was first invented by an Atlanta-based company called EDC Gear in 1978.

This particular form of EDC Lanyard Bead has popular three different color finishes: Black (anodized), Gold (anodized), and Silver (polished).

the EDC lanyard bead is a small item that is often overlooked in a person’s everyday carry. It is a small object that can be easily attached to a keychain, backpack, or necklace.

It is important that when one selects their EDC lanyard bead they select one that matches their personality and has meaning to them.

The EDC lanyard bead can be used with many different recreational activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting

The most common use for an EDC lanyard bead is for security with your personal items.

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