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Get inspired by our custom machining part projects and contact us to get instant quote for Firearm Parts / Gun Parts (receivers . folding stocks . muzzle devices . thread adapters . furniture . valves . pistons . springs . firing pins . trigger parts . fasteners . bayonets . mags) parts start from 1pcs.

3Q MACHINING is proud to have earned its stripes serving global gun component / firearm part shops for more than 10 years. The result is a set of benefits uniquely tailored to firearm part needs:

Precision CNC Machined Firearm Parts:

Machining options
– The exceptional precision of CNC Swiss machining, multi spindle automatics and CNC turning centers are interfaced with an Esprit CAD/CAM system to precisely produce the most elaborate geometries (complete equipment list).

Alternative materials – 3Q Machining is known for its ability to machine materials other manufacturers won’t, including titanium, plastics and exotic alloys that meet the special requirements of advanced weapons systems.

You are invited to experience this mission-critical capability firsthand. Contact us for a prompt response to your military machining project.

custom cnc machining firearm parts

Custom Gun Parts Machining Projects

Welcome to the 3Q MACHINING – custom gun part maker in China with advanced 3-4-5 axis CNC Machines.

As you may realize, we 3Q MACHINING manufactures different types of high precision machined parts especially the custom Rifle/Pistols/Shotguns gun parts / firearm parts. We’re a manufacturing company that’s focused on making the best quality parts according to your CAD drawing / 3D drawings. We enjoy great relationships with many other gun dealers and manufacturers around the world.

Thanks so much to all customers who have made purchases, provided feedback and driven our product development over the years!

muzzle devices

Muzzle Brake
Thread Pattern: 1/2-28 RH Length: 2.180 inches Caliber .223 Exit hole: .280 inches Machined from top quality steel and finished in black oxide.
Muzzle Brake
Type: Muzzle Brake Length: 2.520 inches Thread Pattern: 1/2-28 RH CALIBER: .223 Exit hole .260 inches Machined from top quality steel and finished in black oxide.
Birdcage Flash Hider
Birdcage style flash hider with 1/2-28 RH threads to fit most ARs. This high quality part is finished in black oxide. Length: 1.750 inches.

Thread Adapters

RH Thread Adapter
This adapter will allow you to mount 1/2x28 RH muzzle devices to a barrel with a 1/2x20 RH thread pattern. Machined to accept 7.62/.30 cal rounds and smaller.
RH Thread Adapter
This adapter is intended to adapt M22x1.5 muzzles with M15x1 RH muzzle devices. Made from steel and finished in black oxide.
RH Adapter
The adapter offers two large flats for tight installation and preserves the full front shoulder for squaring and securing the muzzle device.