Custom Aluminum Parts

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Custom Aluminum Parts

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Custom Aluminum Parts

Custom aluminum machining parts are used in many industries and categories, such as aerospace and defense and automotive and transportation. Companies that produce custom aluminum parts must have a lot of time on their hands. They require highly-skilled engineers that can charge a hefty price tag.

The process of producing custom aluminum parts is not as simple as it seems like it is. Custom cnc machining is the most common technique used to create such high-end products. However, the process is very tedious and time consuming. It requires a lot of attention to every detail – something not easy for any engineer to handle.

3Q MACHINING has custom cnc machined aluminum parts for over 10 years. You can design and order your parts with your own CAD/STP file for a instant quote.

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Properties of Aluminum

Aluminum is a highly versatile and malleable metal that is used in just about everything from cars and airplanes to cans and consumer electronics.

It is considered one of the most abundant metals in the Earth’s crust. Aluminum has a specific set of properties that make it one of the most commonly used metals.

1) It can easily be compressed, allowing for easy storage and transport; 

2) It doesn’t rust; 

3) It has an extremely high melting point; 

4) It can easily bend or be shaped, which makes it useful for manufacturing purposes; 

5) Its light weight makes it easy to transport and carry long distances in both air and sea.

Aluminum is a widely used material for a variety of applications. It has a unique ability to be lightweight, corrosion resistant and conductive. Aluminum also has excellent tensile strength and fatigue resistance.

Aluminum alloy is an alloy of aluminium and copper with most alloys containing zinc, magnesium, silicon, nickel, manganese, iron and other elements. There are many different grades of aluminum available for use in various applications including automotive parts.

It is one of the most commonly used metals in automotive parts due to its light weight properties that make it suitable for use in high performance vehicles such as sports cars, motorcycles or aircrafts with different types of aluminum.

choosing right aluminum grade

Aluminum is a popular choice for many metal products and components

Aluminum Machining Options

Author: Mose Li

Author: Mose Li

Director of Project Engineering at 3Q Machining

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