Mosi Li
Mosi Li

Director Project Engineer at 3Q Machining - China top CNC Machining Custom Part Manufacturer

CNC Warrior is a company that manufactures firearm parts. They design and produce replacement parts for different rifles, handguns, shotguns, and other firearms.

Some of their products are AR-15 replacement parts for the bolt carrier group, the barrel extension, the barrel nut wrench, receiver end plate wrench, receiver pins and receiver extensions.

Others include replacement parts for 1911 handguns like slides and barrels in addition to the grip screws.

CNC Warrior Firearm Parts

CNC Warrior manufactures and distributes firearm parts and accessories. It started as a one-man operation and has grown into a technologically advanced enterprise with cnc machining and 3D printing capabilities.

Their product line includes firearm parts such as upper receivers, lower receivers, barrels, triggers, stocks, pistol grips and much more. They also distribute magazines such as Hexmag and Magpul PMAGs as well as manufacture their own line of magazines such as the CNC Warrior 30 round magazine for AR-15 rifles.

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