cnc Plastic Machining VS cnc metal machining

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cnc Plastic Machining VS cnc metal machining

What is cnc plastic machiing

What is cnc plastic machining

CNC plastic machining is an important process in the plastics industry. It helps to reduce the cost of production, support for small batch production from a prototype, and provides a more accurate cutting with less distortion.

CNC plastic machining is important because it no need invest big money for injection tooling but still have precise plastic parts when you only need small batch production to test market, you can start a project or business with few money, that’s critical for a new business.

CNC Plastic Machining is the process of removing material from a series of rotating, stationary or moving workpiece to create an item. The “CNC” part means the machine uses computer numerical control.

Types of plastics for CNC machining are ABS, POM, HDPE, HIPS and PEEK etc.

What is CNC Metal Machining

CNC metal machining is a type of manufacturing process, which removes metal from a solid block of material. It usually refers to the process of removing any unwanted material from a solid piece.

Some examples of materials machined by CNC include aluminum, steel, brass, copper, and titanium.

What's difference between CNC Plastic Machining and CNC Metal Machining

What's difference between CNC Plastic Machining and CNC Metal Machining

Metal CNC machining is more complex than plastic machining. The tools to machine metal are much more expensive and the material is tougher to work with. The tooling or cutters must be sharp, powerful, and made of special materials like carbide. Metal chips are much harder to remove than plastic chips because they are thick and act like welds when you try pushing them out of the way.

Metal machines also require more accuracy in their programming because stronger forces are necessary for shaping metal parts.

Plastic machining requires less accuracy in programming than metal machining because plastics can be cut with softer materials like carbide or brass. Plastic machines also have a lower cost for tooling because plastics don’t need very sharp tools to get clean cuts without breaking too many chips off into the air.

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