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CNC Precision Machining Services

We 3Q Machining provide a variety of services for best cnc machining service including of precision 5 axis cnc machining. We have a team of expert engineers and machinists who offer a wide range of machining solutions.

The application of our CNC Precision Machining is not limited to one industry which can be applied in various fields such as automotive, aerospace, medical equipment, etc. In our production and quality management, quality is the base and core that all our machined parts need to meet customers’ strict dimensional accuracy requirements and performance specifications on CAD drawing and PO. In order to meet customers’ high quality demands, the use of our CNC machines can provide complete control over production tolerances and offers certain advantages when producing large-scale orders.

And at 3Q Machining, you will find a wide range of precision CNC machining services, an experienced team of experts, and extensive experience of how to best approach different projects using 3-, 4-, and 5-axis CNC machines.

We offer milling, turning, EDM, wire EDM, and surface grinding services and can handle all the technical aspects of creating your prototypes and parts, allowing you to focus on bringing your product to the market.

CNC Machine Costs

Our Advantages of CNC Precision Machining

There are huge numbers of precision machining providers. Why should you choose us? Here are the top 3 reasons:

1. Experience
Our engineers have built up rich, deep experience from many previous projects, so they can handle complex and precision parts in several industries without a problem.

2. Advanced Equipment
3Q Machining has extensive in-house equipment for both manufacturing and testing. Your parts will be manufactured and inspected with our advanced in-house equipment, including Precision CNC milling, CNC turning, EDM, Hexagon CMM, and Olympus XRF analyzer.

3. Fast Turnaround
On average we return quotes within 24 hours, parts ship within 7 days or less, and we have a 99% on-time delivery and quality rate.

Types of CNC Precision Machining Services That We Offer

The Characteristics Of CNC Machining And How To Improve The Efficiency Of CNC Machining


Using imported multi-axis milling machines from the United States and Japan, as well as the top brand from China, we can guarantee CNC milling parts that are within the tolerance of +/-0.05mm, while also keeping critical dimensions under +/- 0.005mm.

Our team also has extensive experience creating precision parts for some of the most demanding industries in the world, including aerospace and medicine.

The 5-axis CNC milling machines come with an on-site inspection system that allows us to monitor the actual dimensions of a part during the milling process. The computer is able to automatically adjust the program and parameters to ensure that the parts are manufactured correctly.


Unlike CNC milling, the CNC turning process uses a single-point cutting tool to create precise cylindrical cuts into a rotating material. This automated technique provides great accuracy and a high degree of repeatability and is ideally suited for manufacturing circular or tubular shapes. The CNC turning lathe secures and rotates the material as its machined at high speeds.

Our expert technicians are able to achieve incredible accuracy when producing components because of the professional-grade CNC turning machines that we have available.

While CNC milling is ideal for short-run volumes of prototypes and parts that are below 2.5” OD, CNC turning machines are better-suited for short-run volumes of larger parts above that threshold.

Common applications for CNC turning include functional prototypes, spacers, manifolds, fittings, shafts, and bushings.

precision EDM WIRE EDM

Precision EDM Wire EDM

3Q Machining also provides industrial-grade wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) to our global customer base. Wire EDM is used to cut a variety of electrically conductive materials.

The process involves an electrically-charged EDM wire that is positioned between two mechanical guides, forming an electrode while the material that is being cut generates the second electrode. This creates an electrical discharge between the wire and workpiece, effectively cutting away from the material.

Since the wire doesn’t actually make physical contact with the material, EDM machining can be used to produce parts and prototypes that are extremely small and delicate. This method is able to cut through metal materials that are difficult to handle with other methods, including steel, bronze, copper, and titanium, to name a few.

It’s commonly used to produce circuit boards and essential equipment for the automotive, aerospace, and consumer electronics industries.


3Q Machining’s prototyping facility is also equipped with high-precision grinding machines. This process is ideal for manufacturing metal parts and prototypes with very tight tolerances. Grinding uses a spinning wheel composed of bonded abrasive particles to remove material from a workpiece until it meets the desired shape and specification.

Like Wire EDM, precision grinding is best suited for manufacturing tiny metal parts and larger parts that require tighter tolerances, including components for medical devices, aerospace parts, scientific instruments, and more.

3Q Machining’s expert staff will help you decide on the optimal grinding method and tool for your part, taking all specifications and requirements into account.

Overviews of The Best CNC Machining

Precision machining is an essential manufacturing process that enables companies to produce the most delicate parts with the tightest tolerances imaginable. Here are just some of its main advantages over alternative approaches:

1. High Precision:
As the name implies, precision molding offers unparalleled accuracy, producing consistent quality with every part that is produced.

2. Minimal Errors:
Because precision machining uses CNC technology, it is largely automated and reduces the probability of error to a minimum.

3. Efficiency:
Because of the automated nature of the process, precision CNC machining can produce parts very efficiently and with minimal workforce intervention.

4. Less Waste:
Precision machining produces minimal waste, allowing to save on materials and maintain environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices.

5. Cost-Effective:
The high-tech nature of the process also means that there’s less waste, less labor, and a low chance of error, which makes it one of the more cost-effective manufacturing methods.

When to choose precision machining?

When designing parts, some engineers suggest very tight tolerances, far more than are actually needed. That’s not an ideal approach. If +/-0.05mm works, opting for +/-0.01mm tolerance will increase the manufacturing cost many times. However, when you do need tolerances as tight as 0.01mm, then you can’t beat the accuracy and consistency offered by precision machining.

What materials can be used with precision machining?

There’s a wide range of materials that can be used in precision machining – you can use aluminum brass, copper, steel, titanium, as well as rigid plastics like PPS, PEEK. Reach out to learn more about the types of materials that are available when using precision machining technology.

How can 3Q Machining guarantee tight tolerances?

We use high-quality machines for precision CNC milling & turning, precision EDM, precision grinding, and a range of other tools in house, using AC to stabilize the workshop temperature. That, combined with the experience and qualifications of our engineers, as well as rigorous inspection of machines and processes, ensures consistent quality even in the most demanding scenarios.

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