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3D printing processes such as FDM, SLA and SLS are today considered the most economic way to make plastic prototypes. Sometimes, however, certain non-printable materials are needed, and sometimes CNC machining is the only option. Our company has rich experience making plastic concept models and precise functional components. Understanding the properties of different plastics, with lots of testing and experimentation with pre-heating, tool paths and other factors, we are able to minimize deformation on plastics such as PP, PA (nylon), PE, POM (Delrin), etc. 3Q Machining provides a range of solutions for the machining of plastic parts.

Plastic machining cnc machining

Advantages of our Plastic CNC Machining


One of the main advantages of plastic machining — especially for prototypes and short-run production — is its ability to create parts without molds or support structures. The most expensive part of injection molding is creating the metal tooling; with CNC machining, however, that stage is not required.


Because machined plastic parts are made directly from a plastic sheet or rod using a digital file, it is easy for engineers to make small modifications to the digital design between iterations. And since they do not have to make new tooling, there is little cost involved in upgrading and updating the part.


The range of machine tools allows for total control over a part’s final appearance, offering fine trimming and cutting capabilities not available to injection molding or 3D printing equipment. Machined parts are also free from 3D printer layer lines and seams from injection molding parting lines, which can be unsightly to view.

The Important Things You Should Know

Plastic CNC Machining: Questions & Answers

Plastic: ABS, PC, ABS+PC, PP, PS, POM, PMMA (Acrylic), PAGF30, PCGF30, Teflon, DHPE, HDPE, PPS, PEEK. 

Metal: Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel (17-4, Inconel 625 & 718), Magnesium, Titanium, Zinc, Brass, Bronze, Copper. 

These are the most common materials for CNC prototyping and production parts. Besides that, we can work with any type of machinable plastic and metal we can purchase from the stock market. 

What’s more: We are able to create a custom plastic block or bar for the material such as PA GF50, PPS GF50. To discover further plastic materials we can do, please contact our team.

CNC machining starts with a computer, on which designers prepare a part using CAD (Computer-aided Design) software. This digital part is then converted into a format that can be recognized by a CNC machine.

Instructions are sent to the CNC machine in the form of  “G-Code” after which the machine can start cutting.

Most CNC machines have a “worktable” and work holding device to keep a block of material — known as the “workpiece” — in place. The worktable may or may not move, depending on the style of the machine.

When machining starts, the cutting tool makes contact with the workpiece, cutting away layers of material. The tool and/or workpiece is moved and/or rapidly rotated according to the G-Code instructions so that cuts are made in exactly the right places until the part is finished.

CNC machining is a fast, accurate and versatile solution for making end-use plastic and metal parts in any quantity, without the need for investing in hard tooling or expensive set-ups. No matter how simple or complex the parts.

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Sample lead time: 7days

Tooling lead time: 35 days

Production lead time: 7~30days

Usually we book the shipment with your appointed forwarder, or can ship to your warehouse with our shipment company

We also working with DHL/FEDEX/UPS for  long term relationship to have competitive express shipment with fast delivery.

As-Machined: The most popular and cost efficient way for inner functional components. Fine and even tool path is also good for aspect parts.

Bead Blasted: The part is left with a matt appearance. Range of 120 to 320 beads allows us to create different roughness to the surface.

Anodized: Type II creates a corrosion-resistant finish. Parts can be anodized in different colors—clear, black, red, and blue are most common—and is usually associated with low silicone element series of aluminum. Type III is thicker and creates a wear-resistant layer in addition to the corrosion resistance seen with Type II.

Powder Coat: This is a process where powdered paint is sprayed onto a part which is then baked in an oven. This creates a strong, wear- and corrosion-resistant layer that is more durable than standard painting methods. A wide variety of colors are available to create the desired aesthetic.

CNC machines include CNC mills, CNC turning machines (or lathes), CNC routers, and Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) machines.

CNC mills have rotating cutting tools that are moved to different areas of the workpiece to make cuts and can be used to make many different pats. CNC lathes work the other way, rotating the workpiece against a stationary cutting tool, and are used to make cylindrical parts.

CNC routers are similar to CNC mills, but have less power and cannot cut the hardest materials. They can, however, be faster than CNC mills.

EDM uses electrical discharges (sparks) instead of a sharp cutting tool to cut material. No physical contact is made between the tool and the workpiece.

CNC machines are often defined by their number of axes. More axes mean they can move their tool and/or workpiece in a greater number of ways, giving greater cutting flexibility and the ability to make more complex parts in a shorter time.

3Q Machining is known as one of the best CNC machining companies in China in terms of quality, speed, and customer service. With high-quality CNC machines, we can easily achieve +/- 0.02mm of tolerance and can even get within +/- 0.01mm. But keep in mind that it can have an impact on the cost.

MOQ: From 1 piece to ~3000pcs each color each part

Sample payment: 100%

Tooling payment:50% deposit, 50% balance after sample approval

Product order payment: T/T 30% deposit, 70% after pre-shipment inspection

It’s no problem to arrange third party inspection before shipment, please book the inspection date 7 days in advance

Applications of plastic CNC machining

Tinted cnc machining plastic machining automotive


CNC milled plastic parts are very popular in the automotive industry, especially for automobile lighting.When making an outer lens cover, for example, a 3D printed SLA prototype only provides about 60% transparency when compared with a CNC machined PMMA prototype. Marks left by the printer can be a major problem, while SLA printing materials are not as effective as PMMA block.

Light guides are also suited to machining, since they require optical details such as prisms, teeth and other tiny shapes.

cnc machining plastic machining


CNC machining is widely used for small and medium-size high-strength components like pulleys, clamps and levers, which can be made from engineering plastics.
The process is particularly valuable for parts in custom machinery, where mass production using injection molding would be economically inefficient.

Plastic machining cnc machining

Consumer Products

Consumer products, including household goods, appliances and even sporting goods and toys, are frequently made with CNC machined plastic components.
In addition to the prototyping of parts, CNC machining can be used to fabricate items such as custom models, enclosures, jigs and fixtures.

plastic cnc machining Electronics


CNC machining is commonly used within the electronics industry to create plastic parts for goods such as semiconductors, IoT equipment and consumer electronics. Many electronic devices are contained within machined plastic enclosures, while CNC machining is also highly useful for the rapid prototyping of various electronic components.

plastic cnc machining Medical Devices

Medical Devices

CNC machining is frequently used to make plastic parts for the medical industry. These include medicine dispenser components, handles for surgical tools and components for electronic medical devices.

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