CNC Milling Metal & Plastic Parts

From single 1pcs Prototype to Mass Production

CNC Milling Service at 3Q MACHINING

3Q Machining offer CNC milling service in China for any types of custom CNC milling parts, whatever plastics or metals, simple or complex. With our precision 3-, 4- and 5-axis CNC milling centers, combined with other advanced capabilities and our experienced team, we can offer high-quality CNC parts as well as fast delivery. We guarantee your CNC milling projects will be handled smoothly by our in-house CNC department, which means your team can focus on bringing your product to market. 

Typical CNC Milling Parts That We Offer

CNC milling is very flexible way and high precision machining manufacturing to create prototype or manufacture high volume end-used cnc milling parts. Plus wide ranges of milling materials are available, it fit most types of projects. Our CNC experts know how to cut your parts fast to reduce the cost, and how to mill the complex geometry with tight tolerence in different materials. We have delivered million+ high quality CNC parts to our worldwide customers.

CNC milling parts are used in a wide range of industries. From the aerospace industry to the medical industry, there are a number of uses for CNC milling parts.

Here are the lists of main applications of CNC Milling Parts: