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CNC Machining China

CNC Machining Services in China

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CNC machining is a manufacturing process that uses a computer numerical control (CNC) machine to create parts with simple or complex shapes.

A cnc machine uses a computer to precisely cut, shape, and drill metal or plastic. The CNC machine can be programmed to do multiple jobs such as cutting metal materials, turning metal into wire, drilling holes in metal and plastic materials, and much more.

There are various types of cnc machining such as milling machine, lathe machine, laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines etc.

CNC machines are used to cut and shape materials like wood, metal, plastic and more. Below are main types of cnc machines that are commonly used in the industry.

1. CNC lathe: A type of machine that is mostly used for cutting metals and plastics. It uses a tool known as a spindle to form the material into any shape or size.

2. CNC router: This type of machine is mostly used for cutting wood and other materials with a lot of curves or irregular shapes. It uses a tool known as a bit to carve out shapes from the material that it is working on.

3. Cnc milling: This type of machine uses a series of numerically-controlled axes to perform machining operations on different materials. It can create complex shapes from flat surfaces by using the programmable tool path controller along with the programmed spindle speed and feed rate to control the movement of the tool bit along the workpiece surface.

4. CNC drilling: The cnc drilling machine is used for drilling holes in hard materials like steel or concrete with high precision and speed.

5. CNC Grinding, CNC Turning, CNC cutting, CNC engraving etc……

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CNC machining is a process that cuts away material by using the cutting tool to move across the workpiece. It is a very efficient process because it is able to cut through materials with different geometries and properties.

It is helpful for the machine to know how to cut the material in order to create parts that are free of burrs, rough edges, and hot spots. Here, we listed 9 types of materials that can be machined by CNC machines.

1. Aluminum – the top popular metal material for cnc machining

2. Copper

3. Steel

4. Brass

5. Titanium

6. Plastic

7. Wood

8. Ceramics

9. Glass

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Why Outsource Custom CNC Machining in China?

Why Outsource Custom CNC Machining in China?

Custom CNC machining can be outsourced to China for many reasons. It is cost-effective, it allows companies to test new ideas and concepts, it provides a chance to work with different materials, and it offers a wide range of customer service options.

1. Cost effective

The cost of outsourcing cnc machining in China is  still lower than the USA/EU/AU/UAE markets although its labour cost is not cheap any more. China is one of the best places to outsource cnc machining service because they offer a wide range of services at low prices, which makes it cost effective for companies who are looking to save money for their custom machining projects, especially when the quantity of custom parts is small.

China has become a hub for outsourcing cnc machining services. This is because they have many factories that are capable of producing high-quality products at a lower price. This is why companies from all around the world outsource their manufacturing needs to China and save money in the process.

2. Advanced manufacturing capabilities

Chinese factories have advanced technology and capabilities which allow them to produce high-quality products at a fast pace without compromising quality standards.

3.High-quality materials

Many of the materials used in cnc machining are sourced from China, which allows for high-quality products with low lead times

4.Skill engineer and machinist

Skill engineers in China can help companies reduce their labor costs by outsourcing production overseas while still maintaining quality control over the product they produce. They can also help companies avoid high-risk situations such as defects or delays through tighter production schedules and better communication with their clients.

5.Fast delivery with cheap shipment

The Chinese market is becoming a global hub for manufacturing and manufacturing products. This has led to a rise in the demand for cheap shipment from China which is cheaper than other countries such as America, Europe, and Japan.

And there’s only 3~7days when ship cargos from China to EU/USA/AU/UAE with FEDEX or DHL express service.

How to start outsource cnc machining China

In recent years, China has become a major supplier of manufacturing services.

The rise of China’s manufacturing sector has led to an increase in the demand for outsourced services. The benefits of outsourcing are numerous and include lower cost, greater speed, and better quality.

Nowadays, the manufacturing industry is shifting towards automation to boost productivity and reduce costs. It is not unusual for companies to outsource their production process to China if they need high-quality products at low prices with short lead times.

—Here are steps of outsource your cnc machining service in China:

1. Choose the right China cnc machining manufacturer like 3Q MACHINING
2. Establish a relationship with the China factory
3. Set up the work order and have them send you a quotation
4. Send your design files to China for processing
5. Receive your finished product in about 2 weeks
Author: Mose Li

Author: Mose Li

Director of Project Engineering at 3Q Machining

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