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China best cnc plastic machining prototype – 3Q Machining

China best cnc plastic machining prototype - 3Q Machining
China best cnc plastic machining prototype - 3Q Machining

Nowadays, CNC plastic machining processing is mostly used for prototype sample. CNC prototype processing is a method of cutting off the excess material in the whole block material by the removal method. In the prototype processing industry, CNC prototype processing is generally aimed at large workpieces, prototypes that require relatively high precision and appearance requirements. So what is the reason for choosing CNC prototype processing? Let’s talk about the advantages of CNC plasitc machining prototype model?

CNC machining can process a wide range of plastic materials

CNC Machinable materials include ABS, POM, PC, acrylic (transparent material) stainless steel, aluminum alloy, H62 brass, Q235 iron, etc. 

The main plastic material for CNC plastic machining of prototype sample is:

1. ABS prototype: temperature resistance: 60-80℃/characteristics: excellent strength and resistance/wide range of application: this material is mostly used for shell prototypes such as electrical appliances, medical treatment, and cars.

2. PMMA acrylic hand plate: temperature resistance: 60-80℃/characteristics: high transparency/applicable scope: electric liquid crystal shell hand plate.

3. POM hand plate: temperature resistance: 90-110℃/characteristics: strength, resistance, good hardness/applicable scope: mechanical gear, rotating parts hand plate.

Wide range of application areas for CNC plastic machining of prototype

CNC plastic prototype processing is often used for prototypes for cars, medical care, aerospace, planning, small household appliances and computer peripheral products, as well as large-scale products such as air conditioners, monitors, audio, medical equipment, motorcycles, car accessories and other products.

CNC prototype model also has many advantages

1. The CNC prototype model has a low cost, a wide range of processing materials, and a wide range of applications, which can meet the requirements of different customers for strength, temperature resistance, high resistance, and transparency.

2. There are various surface treatment methods for CNC prototypes, such as sanding, ash spraying, painting, polishing, screen printing, electroplating, oxidation, laser engraving, bluing, UV, etc. The effect can be compared with the products produced by the mold.

3. In appearance, assembly, and function verification, it can achieve the purpose of customer planning verification, and make a workpiece that can reflect the customer’s design requirements.



The above is an introduction to the advantages of CNC prototype samples. CNC prototype processing has many advantages and has become the mainstream processing method of modern prototype processing. It is not only suitable for various fields, but also allows customers to effectively verify product design.

How I can make plastic prototype sample in China

Whatever you want to make a custom part to replace some parts of your bike, motorbike, car, or anything else; or you want to create a unique custom design product with your private brand for a long term business, you surely want to find a supplier whom provide CNC Machining Prototype service with high quality and competitive prices, therefor you can contact a China cnc machining service manufacturer like “3Q MACHINING” whom is specialized in cnc machining, cnc milling, cnc turning, cnc lathe manufacturing from concept design, prototype sample, mass production to final shipment to help you working from “0” to market.

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