Can titanium be CNC machined?

Can titanium be CNC machined?

Can titanium be CNC machined?

Can titanium be CNC machined?

At present, many Machininery manufacturers have launched high-efficiency high-speed CNC machine tools for HEM-HSM cutting of large aluminum alloys CNC Machining and other light alloy materials. It is obviously inappropriate to realize HEM-HSM machining with difficulty to machine metal materials with high strength and high hardness like Titanium. Although it can also cut these hard alloy materials, its cutting efficiency is often unacceptable. The main reasons are:

(1) As mentioned above, the machining of hard alloy materials such as titanium alloys requires large cutting force, or high torque spindles, and high-efficiency high-speed CNC machine tool spindles are typically used for HEM-HSM cutting of light alloy materials such as aluminum alloys. Most of the torque is less than 100Nm, generally not more than 200Nm, and it does not have the cutting ability for high-efficiency machining of hard alloy materials such as titanium alloys.

(2) As mentioned above, the processing of titanium alloys and other hard alloy materials is usually only allowed to use lower cutting speeds, that is, only lower spindle speeds can be used, and the HEM-HSM cutting processing of light alloy materials such as aluminum alloys is typically used. The spindle speed range of high-efficiency high-speed CNC machine tools is not compatible with the requirements of the current titanium alloy processing technology.

Therefore, it needs to special design and manufacture of many key CNC components such as the structure, rigidity, dynamic characteristics, spindle and coordinate drive, cooling system, tool interface, and control system of the CNC machining machine tool  used for the processing of titanium alloy, that would be no problem to machine titanium by right CNC Machinery with high quality precision and good efficiency.

Do you know how to machine Titanium with CNC Machinery, how much cost to machine it, and what problems have with Titanium CNC Machining?

Welcome to contribute your question or advice here…….

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