5 Reasons Why Motorcycle Phone Mounts are the Best Thing Ever

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5 Reasons Why Motorcycle Phone Mounts are the Best Thing Ever

What is a Motorcycle Phone Mount?

A motorcycle phone mount is a small device that allows you to securely attach your phone to your motorbike.

There are many varieties of motorcycle phone mounts in the market. Some of them are phone holders that can be attached to a dashboard or a handlebar. Other types of mounts include windshield and tank attachments, or even turbines which help you with your GPS navigation while riding on the bike.

The motorcycle phone mounts come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. There are even some that work with both iphones and Androids.

Some of the most common styles of motorcycle phone mounts are the clamp style mount. These clamp around the handlebars of your bike and can be adjusted so they fit various sized bars. Another popular type is a cradle-style mount which clips on to the back side of your motorcycle seat or handlebars. These types often require you to remove them before you can access any controls on the device they’re holding onto which just makes it easier for it to fall off or get stolen.

Here we introduce how the type of metal motorcycle mount for phone, how it works and how it is made.

Metal Motorcycle Mount for Phone

Metal Motorcycle Mount for Phone

  • NO SLINGS NEEDED – Built to outlast you with 6061 Machined Aluminum. High strength industrial spring system offers a fail-proof grip on your device.
  • BARS BARS AND MORE BARS – Works with Trackers, Clip Ons, Moto, Zero Drag, Low Drag, High Drag, Maynard, Zed, Frisco, Mustache, Keystone, Clubman, H-Bar, Window, Champs, Breezers, Ape Hangers. Custom 7/8″, 1″, 1.15″ bushings included. Clamp mounts directly to 1.25″ Bars without bushing.
  • LANDSCAPE AND PORTRAIT VIEWING – Aluminum Ball and socket joint allows for the perfect viewing angle on just about any bar.
  • ONE HAND. THAT’S IT. No more fumbling around getting your device in and out of the cradle.
  • COMPATIBILITY – Seamlessly works with all devices up to 3.4 Inches wide and .5 inch thick. Compatible with regular and plus sized iPhones as well as Galaxy devices.

Customer Reviews for Metal Motorcycle Mount for Phone:

I chose the Metal Motorcycle Mount for Phone because of its size & construction. Other than the thumbscrew, the entire construction is metal “aluminum”. The compact size of the Motorcycle Mount is amazing! The clamping system is quite secure……

So. You have a 20,000 Motorcycle and an 800.00 phone. Naturally you want to mount that phone with a $10 Plastic mount? Right? OH NO. Not me. But looking on Amazon at reviews, evidently thousands of people are doing that. Again, Not me. This thing is actually inexpensive for what it is. It’s strong, well built, and mounts solidly. The only plastic parts are the adapters for different size handlebars and those SHOULD be plastic. I have an IPhone 8 with a Triamium battery case from Amazon on mine and it fits fine. The product claims to fit up to a 3.25 inch wide phone. I think that’s more like 3.5. It should fit anything up to that width. So a really heavy duty case should be no problem. If I had any advice for the manufacturer it would be to slightly increase the diameter of the rods and springs that hold the phone so it applies slightly more pressure but that’s a personal preference. I’d pay even more for one that was built this way. I recommend this and would buy it again.

5 Reasons Why Motorcycle Phone Mounts are the Best Thing Ever

Motorcycle phone holders are the perfect way to keep your phone in an accessible location while you’re riding your bike.

1. They help prevent distracted driving

2. They allow riders to stay in touch with loved ones when they’re on the road

3. They provide extra protection for the phone when you hit bumps or go over potholes

4. They are easy to install and use

5. They give riders a convenient place to store their glasses, keys, or anything else they need while on the go

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