4xxx aluminum alloy

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4xxx aluminum alloy

The 4xxx aluminum coil sheet falls on aluminum series with silicon as the main alloying element, that is, aluminum-silicon alloy, represented by 4A01, other products include aluminum coil 4004 alloy, 4045 aluminum coil, 4047 aluminum coil, 4047 aluminum sheet, 4043 aluminum sheet etc. Usually the silicon content is between 4.5-6.0%, and the color is black-gray after anodizing, so it is suitable for building materials and manufacturing decorative parts. 4032 aluminium alloy has good heat resistance and friction resistance, and has a small thermal expansion coefficient. 4043 aluminum sheet coil The soup flow is good, the solidification shrinkage is small, and the natural hair color is gray when treated with sulfuric acid anodizing. 4047 aluminum sheet coil has a low melting point and good fluidity.

Features of 4xxx aluminum alloy coil and plate

1. High wear resistance. Aluminum-silicon alloy has high wear resistance. As the silicon content increases, the hardness and strength of the aluminum-silicon alloy will increase.

2. The coefficient of thermal expansion is small. Any material will expand at high temperature, which limits the application range of most materials. The aluminum-silicon alloy has a small thermal expansion coefficient and can work in a high-temperature environment.

3. Easy to cast. Among cast aluminum alloys, the 4 series aluminum-silicon alloy accounts for more than 90%, which shows the superior casting performance of aluminum-silicon alloy.

Application of 4-series aluminum sheet coil

Due to its high strength, good wear resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and easy casting, the 4-series aluminum sheet is the most ideal material for manufacturing automobile and motorcycle internal combustion engine pistons invented so far. Aluminum-silicon alloys have been widely used in pistons and cylinders of motor vehicles.

Author: Mose Li

Author: Mose Li

Director of Project Engineering at 3Q Machining

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