4 Axis CNC Machine vs 5 Axis CNC Machine

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4 Axis CNC Machine vs 5 Axis CNC Machine


What is 4 axis CNC machine

4 axis CNC machines are a type of machine tool that has a x-y-z-a setup. These machines are mainly used for cutting and shaping metal. They can also cut and shape wood, concrete, plastics, etc. These machines have the ability to make complex 3D shapes as well as 2D designs.


What is 5 axis CNC machine

A 5 axis CNC machine is a computer controlled cutting machine. It can cut complex shapes and parts without the need for multiple operations, giving it a competitive edge over the traditional 2 axis milling machines and 3 axis turning machines.

Is a 5 Axis CNC Machine Worth the Extra Money?

In recent years, many manufactures have been transitioning from 2-axis to 5-axis CNC machines. In the past, a 3-axis machine could handle most jobs, but now there is a demand for higher accuracy and the ability to work on more complex projects. These new 5-axis machines are able to tackle more difficult tasks with better precision and accuracy.

Technology has changed how we approach machining. Now instead of a single axis, a 3-axis or 4-axis machine cutting at any angle 360 degrees around the part, we can now cut at any angle 360 degrees around the part as well as move up and down in Z (height) dimensions for more accurate work with less chance of mistakes.

The 5 axis CNC machine is almost always worth the extra money because it allows for more precision cuts in all materials. If you are making something that requires intricate work, then this would be the best option for you.

What are the Differences Between a 4 Axis and a 5 Axis CNC Machine?

A 4 axis CNC machine is the more basic of the two machines, which can cut out shapes with a set of 4 cutting tools. A 5 axis CNC machine on the other hand is more advanced, and it can produce shapes with more than 4 cutting tools.

The biggest difference between these two machines is that a 5 axis CNC machine has more cutting tool axes than a 4 axis CNC machine. The number of axes depends on the complexity of the shape to be cut, but each 5 axis tool has an extra degree of freedom because it can move in any direction that’s not blocked by another tool.

  • A 5 axis machine is more expensive than a 4 axis CNC machine and will offer an increased level of precision. It also has more capabilities than a 4 axis CNC machine.
  • A 4 axis CNC machine is typically smaller and more compact while a 5 axis CNC machine has the capability to work on more complex projects.
  • A 5-axis CNC machine is more precise than a 4-axis CNC machine, but they are also more expensive.

What are the Advantages of Owning a 5 Axis CNC Mill?

The 5 axis CNC mill is a versatile machine that can easily produce complex shapes. This article lists the top 4 advantages of a 5-axis milling machine.

1) The 5-axis milling machine reduces the number of setups and machining time for complex workpieces.

2) The five-axis CNC mill reduces the dependence on fixtures and jigs when cutting difficult to reach areas or parts that have been turned over from another machining operation.

3) A five-axis milling machine can remove more material from a workpiece than a four-axis one, specifically when machining contoured surfaces.

4) A five axis CNC machine can produce high accuracy parts with excellent surface quality, especially for critical components with less metal loss in specific areas of the precision machining parts.

Why your business should upgrade to 5 Axes CNC from 4 Axes CNC?

5 axis cnc is the new technology that is employed in most of the modern machines. It has increased accuracy, more versatility, and the ability to produce more complex shapes than 4 axis cnc. This makes it ideal for companies to explore new possibilities with their products.

The 5 axes machine can create shapes that are not possible with any other technology. This is why so many companies are upgrading to this type of machine in order to take advantage of its features and capabilities.

Author: Mose Li

Author: Mose Li

Director of Project Engineering at 3Q Machining

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