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What is a CNC Machine Shop and Why Should I Use One?

What is a CNC Machine Shop and Why Should I Use One?

Companies that need to create molds for plastic products, prototypes, and more often turn to a CNC machine shop for help.

A CNC Machine Shop is a manufacturing facility that uses computer-controlled technology, such as a lathe or a milling machine. It is very precise and can create complex shapes by cutting away at a block of metal or wood. 

What to Consider When Looking for a CNC Machine Shop Near Me?

What to Consider When Looking for a CNC Machine Shop Near Me?

A CNC machine shop, also known as cnc machining service shop, is a workshop where raw materials are transformed into finished goods. Machine shops can make anything from small precision parts to large heavy equipment.

The importance of considering the following aspects when looking for a machine shop near me:

  • – material type (metals, plastics)
  • – purpose of the built products (prototypes, production)
  • – size requirements (small, large)
  • – turnaround time requirements (fast, slow)

Tips for working with a CNC Machining Shop from China

Tips for working with a CNC Machining Shop from China

There are many reasons why a person would want to work with a CNC machine shop from China. It is important to keep in mind that you should not just go for the cheapest option, but you should also take into consideration the quality of service and the company’s reputation. If you want to save time, then working with a professional cnc machining service shop like 3Q Machining can be a good idea.

The cost of CNC machining per hour varies on the type of machine that is being used. There are also some other expenses that can be incurred depending on the details of the project.

Depending on the type of machine, CNC machining costs can range from $20 to $400 per hour. Some more advanced machines with higher precision and faster speeds might cost more than $400 per hour. One of the most important factors in determining how much it will cost is how many hours are needed for a project, as this will affect how long it takes to complete.

In 3Q MACHINING, CNC machining is more expensive than metal forming. The typical costs are $70 to $300 per hour based on your CAD drawings and product design reqirements.

The cost of CNC machining a part is dependent on the complexity of the part. The more complex a part is, the more time it takes to create, and thus higher price.

Generally, if you are looking for small to medium sized parts that are less complicated, then you should be able to get them machined at a lower cost. In comparison, for larger and more intricate parts that require special tools or engineering knowledge, you can expect to pay a higher fee.

-For example:

The CNC machining cost per hour increases with complexity and price. A cnc machine that costs $250 USD per hour that can produce around 250 parts per hour, then cnc a part is cost $1 per unit. However a cnc machine that costs $100 USD per hour can produce 1000 parts in an hour which would make each part cost only 10 cents.

In 3Q Machining, we offer competitive cnc machining service with high precision and fast delivery as low as 150$ to CNC a part for your custom projects.

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